APOS 2021

September 7-9 (Asia Pacific & Middle East) + November 23-24 (India)

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Attendee Fees: US$995 per Attendee for 1 Event; US$1,500 per Attendee for 2 Events.
Further discounts are applied for multiple Attendees per Company as follows: 2 attendees @ 5%; 3 attendees @ 10%; 4 attendees @ 15%; 5 attendees @ 20%; 6+ attendees @ 25%.
APOS Sponsors are entitled to an Unlimited Number of Attendees from its company. APOS sponsorship also allows your Company to benefit from pre-Event, At-Event and Post-Event Branding, Marketing and Commercial enterprise.
For more information, please contact 
Lavina Bhojwani
Attendee(s) fees are strictly payable in advance and provide Attendee(s) with:

September 7-9 Event: 3-day Streamed event that includes 25 hours of Live and Premium On-Demand Conversations, Roundtables, Presentations and Networking.
November 23-24 Event: 2-day Streamed event that includes 15 hours of Live and Premium On-Demand Conversations, Roundtables, Presentations and Networking.
  • Live and powerful conversations & insights from global, local & regional industry leaders
  • Live Presentations of the latest MPA Data & Analysis on Asia Pacific TMT Industry
  • Premium On-Demand Exclusive Content featuring Roundtables, Presentations, & Expert Opinions
  • New & Exclusive MPA Briefings on SVOD, AVOD, Consumer Insights, Content Investment Trends, Connected TV, The Future of Distribution & More; TMT Sector Investment - Key Case Studies & Future Opportunities; Global & APAC Market Views across Media & Telecoms; APAC Advertising Trends; The Future of Sports - Perspectives from Asia, Europe & the US; The Future of Telecoms in SEA & India.
  • Networking Opportunities with Attendees
  • APOS Series Program Brochure
  • Post-Event access (for 6-weeks) to Recordings of all Live sessions, On-Demand Content, MPA Briefings, and the Networking Hub (email enabled)
For more information, please contact Usman Tasawar
Substitutions of Attendees are accepted until September 6 for the September 7-9 event, and until November 22 for the November 23-24 event. To transfer your registration to another person please email 
Usman Tasawar
Kindly note that by attending APOS events you and your attending colleagues will have the opportunity to network (set-up a Personal Profile) with all attendees at the event. Your Personal Profile will be visible to all attendees and our networking solution enables you to choose the level of personal information (i.e. Email address) you are willing to make visible.