AIBotics Go Digital 2020

6 Aug - 19 Nov, 2020

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AIBotics Go Digital 2020 


6 Aug 2020 (code: 0806-HMC) (OVER)
Human-Machine Collaboration in partnership with Oxford University (UK)

20 Aug 2020 (code: 0820-AISC)
Applying AI to Smart Cities in partnership with Smart Cities Network (ASEAN)

3 Sep 2020 (code: 0903-AIED)
Intelligent Edge Devices in partnership with Singapore Industrial Automation Association

17 Sep 2020 (code: 0917-ERAI)
Ethical and Responsible AI in partnership with Ethical Intelligence (UK)

1 Oct 2020 (code: 1001-DWF)
Digital Workforce in partnership with Malaysian AI and Robotics Association (MyAIR)

15 Oct 2020 (code: 1015-AICR)
AI in Collaborative Retail in partnership with Singapore Retailers’ Association

5 Nov 2020 (code: 1105-CDC)
Community and Digital Care in partnership with The Israeli Robotics Association (IROB) 

19 Nov 2020 (code: 1119-AIRI)
AI & Robotics Innovations in partnership with Zhejiang Robotics Industry Association (China) and ROS Industrial (Asia Pacific)

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