International Anti Money Laundering and Financial Regulatory Compliance (SG)

Tue, May 26, 2020 1:00 PM (GMT+8)



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The number of complex financial crimes that hit financial institutions has increased significantly in recent years. While technologies are important, they alone can create an over-reliance and reactive approach to mitigating the risk. What is more instrumental is to develop a concrete understanding of various financial crime trends, and the dynamic regulatory regimes that govern the industry.

ALB is pleased to present an exclusive International Anti Money Laundering and Financial Regulatory Compliance masterclass to help your team stay abreast of the CFT/AML environment. This hands-on masterclass provides you with the familiarity of the financial crimes categories, and the regulations to better navigate, strategize resources, and proactively select the right “weapons” in combatting financial crimes

The class is conducted by Sam Gibbins, Lead Facilitator, Complilearn. Rather than simply lecturing, Sam uses interactive exercises, encouraging participation and addressing practical implications related to recent AML/CFT cases. This masterclass is valuable for both junior and senior compliance/ legal professionals within financial institutions.



  • Learn how to design, develop, and build a leading and effective anti-money laundering framework, with appropriate policies, procedures, and resources in place
  • Analyse core elements of a strategic financial crime risk management approach
  • Evaluate global development and best practice in financial crime, including terrorist financing and proliferation financing
  • Updated information on FATF 40 Recommendations and Immediate Outcomes
  • Understand, define, and enhance organisational culture as it relates to performance, risk, and compliance
  • Implement effective, efficient and strategic transaction monitoring processes and procedures
 1. International Money Laundering Frameworks and Conventions:
  • Understanding Money Laundering 
  • International frameworks, agencies, and regulatory bodies
  • What is being done in the global marketplace to fight back against criminals who always seem one step ahead?
 2. Financial Action Task Force and Global Regulatory Infrastructure
  • FATF 40 Recommendation and 11 Immediate Outcomes
  • FATF Style Regional Bodies and High-Risk Jurisdictions
  • Mutual Evaluation Reports
  • A review of recent Typology reports and shifting focus towards Proliferation Finance and Fintech/RegTech
  • FATF Guidance on Counter Proliferation Financing, cases including Chinpo Shipping and Jie Shun
  • FATF 5 pillar strategy for combating terrorist financing
  3. The Need for Internal Controls
  • Understand how to identify, mitigate and control risks effectively
  • Controls and breaches
  • Beneficial Ownership and Shell Structures
  • Approaches to risk assessment
  • Risk culture
  • Conduct risk
 4. KYC Due Diligence
  • An overview of KYC, including the core components which comprise an institutional KYC Framework:
  • Screening Tools & Systems (Automatic False Positives, False Positives, Positive Hits, Alert Hits, TFS Hits)
  • Ongoing Due Diligence & KYC, including periodic review and Batch Screening
  • Politically Exposed Person’s and Other High-Risk Categories, including Source of Funds & Wealth
  • Jurisdictional variation based on the Risk-Based Approach and countries with Strategic Deficiencies
 5. On-Boarding and Beneficial Ownership
  • EU 4th Anti Money Laundering Directive; updated information on Beneficial Ownership, EU 5th AMLD and 6th AMLD
  • Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN) Final Rule 2016
  • The Final Rule for CDD On Beneficial Owners is a globally applicable benchmark for screening of customers for anti-money laundering purposes, in force from May 11th, 2018
  • An overview of the Final Rule, what this means for Covered Businesses and others, and how we can use the information to improved screening and knowledge of customers
 6. Global sanctions architecture - Political, Legal and Implementation Context
  • The international context and UN Security Council Resolutions (UNSCR’s) 
  • Countering America’s Adversaries Through Sanctions Act (CAATSA) and the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA)
  • Transparency, control, and ownership
  • Developing the control framework
  • Sanctions lifting and rollback
  • Identifying higher-risk jurisdictions and activities
 7. Terrorist resourcing
 8. Proliferation finance
  • Dual-use goods
 9. Correspondent banking
Professional facilitators carry out our training with well-developed group and classroom management skills in a non-critical environment, which encourages individuals to practice skills that are being taught. We do not sit individuals down and talk through a stack of PowerPoint slides; we engage them and discuss core ideas and concepts to bring their ideas and energy out, cementing the regulatory and commercial principles we are promoting in their mind. We do not focus on an unattainable set of KPIs, but rather achievable principles that can be readily utilised, adapted, and developed in an everyday working environment.
Discussion points and simulations, aligned with a structured training plan and real-life scenarios, allow individuals to develop the skills necessary for success. Handbooks will be used, but individuals are encouraged to make use of the sessions to take their own notes, practising the vital audio, visual and kinaesthetic skills which are vital in their role, learning how to process and store information which they will later be required to recall.


Chief Compliance Officers/Heads of Compliance/Governance/Risk ▪ Compliance Managers and senior GRC staff ▪ Senior Risk staff ▪ Managers with Governance responsibility ▪ Senior Internal and External Audit staff ▪ Staff dealing with CSR and/or ESG ▪ Company Secretaries ▪ Accountants ▪ Legal Practitioners ▪ Regulatory Representatives ▪ Company Directors/Board Members/Executives


  • "A world-class practical guidance to compliance professionals delivered by a compliance guru, very knowledgeable and abreast of the compliance challenges and news!" - Zaur Ahmadov, Sudi Aramco
  • "Sam is a true professional, and his expertise in compliance training and related matters are second to none. Sam has been helping me to implement a compliance training program for my company; and his patience, knowledge, and expertise in setting up a relevant and reliable program has helped me immensely" - Dian Boothe, ITOCHU Petroleum Co
  • "Sam was my instructor for a Certified GRC course. The level of knowledge and professionalism was the key to deliver the best outcomes for that course" - Fahad Saud Al Sarami, King Faisal Specialist Hospital, and Research Centre

International Anti Money Laundering and Financial Regulatory Compliance (SG)

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