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Top 5 Advantages of Leveraging an RFID Tag for Events

RFID stands for Radio Frequency Identification. It is a wireless digital data management system. In simple terms, these are special chips that are embedded in name badges or wristbands to enable attendees to track and simplify numerous onsite interactions during an event. 

RFID attendee tracking systems make use of RFID technology to store useful information at various types of events, such as the following:

  • trade shows
  • conferences
  • corporate events
  • other large-scale gatherings

Here are the top five advantages of leveraging an RFID tag that you should consider for planning and organising your events and to make it a delightful experience for your attendees:

Track your traffic

It’s easy to keep track of each attendee’s journey through the venue with the help of RFID technology. Visitors’ paths provide you with deeper insight into exactly where the overall event experience can be improved. Traffic flow data allows you to make changes and prevent congestion. You can also prepare the venue better for the next event with the help of RFID. Real-time analytics helps with decision-making, which also instantly enhances the event experience.

Measure attendance at sessions

By estimating the number of participants at a session and how long they stayed, you can determine which speakers or points drew in a bigger crowd. With this commitment and participation data, you can more readily design your next event and attract more participants.

Track event sessions

Running numerous sessions within a single event, which is typical at meetings and workshops, can sometimes be hard to manage. RFID scanning for multiple sessions guarantees that all participants coming through for a specific session are represented. If they didn’t enrol for a particular session, the event organiser will get a notification. This effortlessly prevents time wasted on filtering authorised sections and confirming participants for every single separate session.

Reduce check-in queues

There are no more re-registrations or extra check-ins, which results in a better overall experience for attendees. RFID badges are linked to each participant’s data, so there’s no need to sign up for lots of different sessions inside a particular event. As participants enter a room, an RFID system at the door will read the RFID badge and note that person’s participation choices.

Benefit from marketing analytics

A post-event report contains information gathered from RFID attendee tracking that will give you significant insight for achieving your present business strategies. Statistical information matched with the attendee journey offers a lot of detail about the interests and inclinations of event participants. Engagement metrics, for example, track the number of visits at stalls, item shows, and sessions, which produces a greater picture of what participants are searching for at your event. With this information, you can compare the results of past events and enhance your efforts at your next event.


At GEVME, we strive to develop our innovative event technology further to support event planners and give better approaches for them to wow their attendees. We provide the suite of tools you need as an event marketer or event organiser to make your event outstanding and drive the attendance you really want. RFID technology suits this goal the best.

The use of RFID in event management offers the potential to transform your event into an extremely smooth, seamless, and advanced process. It provides the tracking and analytics required for approved decision-making before, during, and after the event. Any other suggestions?


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