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How Does a Sponsorship Work as a Marketing Driver?

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Sponsorship is the fastest growing form of marketing. With this in mind, you can find unlimited opportunities to broaden your competitive advantage by increasing your credibility, image, and prestige in sponsoring events which attract your target market.

Some trade show promotional opportunities include sponsorship of the press room, an international lounge, a speaker or VIP room, an awards reception, educational programs, banners, badge holders, audiovisual equipment, display computers, tote bags, shuttle buses, napkins and drink cups. So let’s read more about how a sponsorship works as a marketing driver.

Events are quickly becoming digitalized and interactive

In an effort to stay ahead of the curve, it’s no wonder why a majority of event organizers are actively implementing digital marketing strategies to promote their events. It’s no longer just about planning great discussion topics, but also about creating memorable experiences for attendees, exhibitors, and sponsors. It should come as no surprise that there are dedicated mobile applications developed and designed specifically for these events, where people can focus on participant engagement and networking.

With the rise of mobile apps, event organizers may offer buy-ins to sponsors by featuring them on event apps, providing them with high exposure placements as a means to drive traffic to their businesses and/or brands. As the industry moves away from pens and pads of paper to take notes, attendees arm themselves with internet-connected devices such as tablets and smartphones – which makes for a more interactive relationship with audiences.

Creates visibility for their business/brand

These days, it’s no longer enough to simply network at meetings or business occasions. In a world where digital content and social media are fast becoming the preferred marketing and advertising platforms for businesses and brands, having a presence at an event positions your sponsors’ businesses or brands as the prevailing voices in relevant industries. This includes having their logos featured on event materials such as program booklets, backdrops and the event website for brand recognition. In addition, it helps them to focus on the attendees who have demonstrated their enthusiasm for the industry. In fact, in many cases, interested attendees who are eager to find out about sponsors go to them directly, rather than the opposite.


Sponsors are always interested in the demographics of who will participate in the event so they can devise the best method of getting their message in front of those folks. In addition, event planners must be aware of the important role of media visibility, pricing, and use of event logo rights. You can upgrade your event marketing strategy by attracting right sponsorships with Gevme – get started for free.

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