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How to Make an Event More Fun

From team-building events and presentations to conferences and quarterly reports, you probably want to know one thing: how to make events more fun. You can organise workshops or festivals, quests, flash mobs, tours, or concerts or maybe even promote business by organising a thematic event for it. What should be done to ensure that there is some fun at a serious event?

In fact, there are many reasons to make an event funny: to attract even more visitors, to entertain bored business partners and employees, to attract media attention, etc. The active involvement of participants, increased communication, teamwork, and active involvement of the audience are guaranteed if you add fun elements to an event. If you have an unlimited event budget, it gives organisers an opportunity to implement truly original and amazingly fun event design ideas and so much more.

Best ideas to make your event more fun


When analysing the results of past events and the preliminary data that has been collected, try to add a presentation about future participants, their goals and interests, and the role of fun elements for success at the event:

  • For conferences
  • For corporate events
  • For team building events, etc.

Define the best time for fun during every event concept you want to use. Depending on the event concept and form you choose, your fun elements may be one of the following:

  • Cocktail show
  • Thematic events
  • Social media
  • Tournaments
  • Games
  • Carnival parades
  • Scenery projections
  • Cartoons
  • Nitrogen bar
  • Immersive dome
  • Adult play areas
  • Corporate poetry
  • Corporate theater performance
  • Song covers
  • And so much more

A photo booth that the visitors can use to relive the most iconic parts of the event as well as instantly share photos with friends on social networks or print to take home may also be installed at your corporate event as a fun party element.

Tips to make user experience more fun and memorable


When making your events more fun, provide participants with the opportunity to independently choose categories during registration and to make appointments with people whose interests will seem closest to theirs. Also, use more innovative event format ideas to arrange the event and engage the audience. Below are 10 more small tricks that may come in handy as ideas for a fun event.

  1. Individual greeting

Individual greetings for guests can be not only an original but also an affordable option. Before the event, ask guests to fill in a questionnaire with any relevant information (e.g., your name, your favorite color, your favorite drink, etc.). Greeting each guest by name is a great way to greet guests and thank them personally for attending the event. This is a great way to say hello in a friendlier and more personalised way.

  1. Sweet treats

Is the atmosphere in the conference room getting a bit sleepy? Plan a break for sweet foods. Surprise the guests with unplanned snacks before or after lunch to boost the energy of the meeting participants and help them stay alert. We don’t mean providing a large meal but simply a small treat that will demonstrate to the participants of the event that the comfort (and tastes) of the guests are important to you.

  1. Massage for everyone

It doesn’t matter if you are organizing a large event or a small group. A short break to visit the spa is a great way to make your guests feel comfortable and relaxed. Take a break in the middle of the meeting, or even better, pamper them at the end of the event before they go home.

  1. Comfortable furniture

Let’s admit it: Even the most comfortable chairs can cause discomfort after a few hours of sitting. Additional fun décor elements, such as small pads or a pair of soft insoles, can enhance guest impressions and allow them to get used to their surroundings more quickly, which can make user experience more fun and memorable. Just make sure that you have an exciting presentation that will not let them relax too much!

  1. Fun venue spaces

Appropriately using the space opportunities for events is another advantage. If you are in a very picturesque place, organise a small group walk to improve blood circulation. The meeting takes place in the city? Walk around the block or visit the building’s rooftop.

  1. Portable music devices

If you arrange a meeting to achieve a result or form new ideas, think about the positive impact of music on mental activity. Each participant may listen to the music (or even watch the music video during the break). You get both a stimulator of intellectual activity and a souvenir from the event in this way.

  1. Branded water bottles

Invite guests to restore their water levels and stay healthy during your meeting as well as long after the meeting is done with branded water bottles that display the company logo or the name of the event. This approach is environmentally friendly and simultaneously provides guests with funny gifts.

  1. Special prizes

In order to make a meeting captivating and to get good results, offer a series of prizes. These can range from small candies to big gift cards, among many other options. The rules should be set in advance: Prizes are given to those who have done more work or to those who have proposed the best ideas, or they can be distributed in a random manner. Everyone enjoys getting an unexpected prize!

  1. Fun pointers

An interesting landmark design, although not immediately impressive, can have a big impact on the overall outcome of the meeting. If you want your guests to relax and have a great time, use a few funny images (and even jokes) to start things off in the right direction.

When your event goal is promotion, place products or brands that you promote on signposts using bright colors and easily visible materials. Properly appealing to the guests from the very beginning may seem insignificant, but it can greatly improve attendees’ general impressions of the meeting.

  1. Branded or custom accessories

Every event element, from dinner napkins to pens or note paper, can be fun, but be sure to reflect the purpose of your event in every detail. You can either use the name of the company or provide each participant with their own personal branded items. This will allow guests to feel special.




Events are changing—for the better! Nowadays, you can create a fun experience and the opportunity to share thoughts, get inspired, and communicate with fun event ideas, even at serious corporate events. All of this allows for the involvement of participants in a collective and memorable process.

Today, the active involvement of the audience in the event process is a necessary condition for an effective event activity. At the same time, the personal characteristics of each participant also deserve special attention. When organising events, if you focus only on the conservative corporate interests, there is a risk of losing the majority of your audience by ignoring the chance for a fun experience as well as missing out on the knowledge from younger participants who are striving to both work and play.

Want to know more abouthow to make an event fun? Contact the Gevme team to find out!

Also, feel free to leave your own ideas for fun event activities in the comments below!


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