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How To Leave A Lasting Impression With Delicious Catering

Good food always draws a crowd, but it tends to be an underrated aspect of event planning. If you think you can get away with hiring a cheap caterer and calling it a day, think again! The quality of your food and beverages may be what makes or breaks your event. Afterall, taste is a sensory experience closely connected to our memories — have you ever eaten a childhood favorite and reminisced to the flashbacks of your past? A clever selection of refreshments may allow your guests to remember your event for a long time!

Stick to the theme

PLT Bites from A Catered AffairPLT Bites from A Catered Affair

Naturally, your choice of food should complement the theme and emphasize what the event is about. Think of it as an entertainment element that adds to the overall experience. Fusion dishes can be served at a gathering of international guests so that it hits close to home while adding a refreshing twist, while an event promoting local talents can provide localized dishes. Giving each dish an interesting name that is in theme is also a great idea to inject some fun into the reception!

Know your crowd

Know your crowdAsian fusion station from Abigail Kirsch

Consider the type of people who will be attending your event, and cater to their palate. Generally, men prefer meat, while women enjoy food that is lighter. Younger crowds like stronger flavours and finger foods, while an older audience will prefer lightly seasoned and easily ingested dishes. Of course, your event may attract a wide variety of audience, so make sure there’s something for everyone! Take ethnic and religious practices into account so you don’t alienate, or worse, offend anyone. Vegetarian options should always be available — it can be enjoyed by both vegetarians and nonvegetarians alike! If possible, also ask your guests regarding any existing allergies.

Visual presentation

Visual presentationClothespin tacos from Design Cuisine

As much as aroma and taste is fundamental, presentation plays a big part in whether your guests decide to perk up the courage and give it a try! Colour, texture, and garnishing goes a long way in crafting an appetizing experience. You can also consider making edible centrepieces or decorations! While it may be tough to chow down on a beautiful piece, it’s bound to get your guests crowding around the table snapping photos. Afterall, attractive food are always Instagram-worthy, and can help you create some buzz on social media!

Have a taste test

Have a taste testSource

Of course, the taste of the food is still of utmost importance, so if possible, go for a tasting at the caterer before deciding on your menu. Let them know the dishes you want to include (a selection of meat, fish, and vegetables is ideal), the theme of the event, and the budget you are given.They should be more than happy to customize a menu to your request that is within the given allowance.

With these in mind, call up the caterer and plan an unforgettable event that will linger on in your guest’s minds and taste buds.

Remember, the way to your guests’ heart is through their stomach!

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