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Guide on How to Increase Event Registration

how to increase event registration

Entrepreneurs, marketers, organisers, coaches etc. are all curious about how to increase event registration, either offsite or onsite. Everyone who holds events, from round tables to huge festivals, needs to learn how to create and run event registration flawlessly.

How to improve event registration?

There are many effective tips on how to increase event registration and achieve a large turnout in even the most sophisticated large-scale events. Apply these 15 tactics to increase the attendance of visitors to your next event!

  1. Focus on your niche

Knowing the values and preferences of your target audience will help you with the choice of the event format. For example, if you are planning an event for an environmental association, local products and drinks should be a priority.

      2. Do not ask for big money

If circumstances require you to raise registration prices, your attendance at an event may suffer. Carefully consider your target audience. Is this really the kind of event in which they would like to invest?

      3. Choose a convenient location

Choose a place that your guests can easily access. Make sure that the passage between the venue and the hotels is simple and convenient.

     4. Choose the right time

Do your research. Of course, holidays and weekends are not ideal for corporate events. Do your clients prefer day or night, weekdays or weekends, outdoor or indoor events? These distinctions can seriously affect your attendance levels.

   5. Offer simple and clear ways to respond to an invitation.

The process should be simple, namely with yes and no questions.

   6. Unite with other organisations

Partnership with another organisation is a great way to make an event more dynamic. Attract companies as sponsors; or, if possible, co-organise your event with other recognisable names.

   7. Get the great speaker

The speakers you feature at the event are an important component. They can be responsible for both the cognitive and entertainment parts of the event. From time to time, a great speaker alone can stimulate greater attendance of an entire event.

   8. Show previous successes

Demonstration of images and reviews on social networks and pages of the event will all increase the credibility of the brand while also giving potential visitors an idea of what the next event will be.

    9. Share the event schedule

The schedule must be made well before the invitations are sent out. Factors such as breaks and eating should be taken into account. It is also important to optimise how you demonstrate the agenda. Highlight the best parts of your schedule and write an attractive description for them.

    10. Identify and repeat the main message

Properly determine the basic meaning and ideas behind the event. Is it intended for networking? Charity? Make sure that the elements of the event match the specific interests of your audience, and then highlight them in all your promotional materials.

    11. Get your own hashtag

Work on it! Let’s not forget about the newest search tool in the modern world – social networks. Use the tools that they provide! Creating a unique and relevant hashtag for use on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook is a great way to keep track of visitors and create positive buzz around the event.

    12. Advertising

Pay for advertising, if needed. Technical support and the organisation of events should be top-notch.  Invest in advertising on Facebook as well.

    13. Set some restrictions

Exclusivity attracts everyone. Include mention of a limited number of places for your event, especially when registration is nearing completion.

    14. Add something specifically for the “early birds”

Give people a good reason for registering quickly in advance. Gifts and various bonuses will contribute to this.

     15. Demonstration, reminder, and accompaniment

The event should be highly visible on your website and social networks. You should also remind potential guests about the event via email.

Apart from that, there are a few other simple tips to increase event registration online. Here are some ways to simplify the registration process:

  •       Pop-up ads
  •       Inbound promotion
  •       Strong content
  •       Strong online event announcements
  •       Search optimisation
  •       Using a professional event registration tool
  •       Creating different tickets, etc.

If the event involves several different types of tickets, we recommend making the name of each ticket as meaningful as possible. If you are organising an event that takes place over several days, it is better to include the corresponding dates and times in the ticket names.

In addition, you can further develop a description of the tickets. You can post information that each ticket includes, such as free drinks, more comfortable seats, gifts, the ability to communicate with speakers, etc.


If you’re looking for the best ways to increase event registration before the event, during or after, either online or offline, you’ve come to the right place! This is where you will find out how to increase event registration. Our team of professionals will guarantee that your event registration ideas will be successful. Our key strategies of registration for the event will improve your chances of achieving an excellent turnout.

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