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GEVME Powers the Largest FinTech Conference & Exhibition Event in Asia

singapore fintech festival 2016 powered by gevme
We are proud to announce that GEVME is an event technology provider for the inaugural Singapore FinTech Festival 2016 – one of the largest financial technology (FinTech) festivals happening in Asia. Organised by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) and in partnership with the Association of Banks in Singapore (ABS), this large-scale festival brings together an exciting range of FinTech events for the international FinTech community.

singapore fintech festival 2016 event
From 14 November 2016 to 18 November 2016, Singapore sees a series of conferences, networking sessions, Hackcelerators and award ceremonies taking place throughout the country for the FinTech festival. With finance giants like Citigroup, Deloitte, Mastercard, MUFG, UOB and V-Key Solutions as festival sponsors, the Singapore FinTech Festival 2016 aims to make Singapore the front-runner in FinTech.
To ensure the best event experience for the festival, Gevme is supporting the following events with around 12,000 attendees registered:
  • FinTech Conference: Day 1 and Day 2
    The FinTech Conference brings together the FinTech ecosystem, help build relationships, share knowledge, and create business opportunities. The two-day multi-format conference covers technology topics such as authentication, advanced sensors, digital and mobile payments, APIs, block-chain, big data and learning machines, as well as case studies and panels in consumer banking, corporate banking, financial markets, and insurance.
  • ABS-MAS Tech Risk Conference
    Running for the fourth time this year, the ABS-MAS Tech Risk Conference focuses on technology risk issues. Conference topics include cybersecurity, online fraud monitoring, continuous authentication, IT outsourcing, predictive analytics in security, and cloud adoption framework.
  • ABS-MAS RegTech Forum
    Being the first-ever RegTech-focused conference held in Asia, the ABS-MAS RegTech Forum focuses the industry, regulators, entrepreneurs, and investors on the enormous potential for RegTech to enable better compliance solutions, increase efficiency, profitability and reduce barriers to entry to the financial sector. As the sector faces rapidly growing compliance costs, while an uncertain macroeconomic and financial environment is putting pressure on the sector’s profitability, RegTech plays a vital role. The forum will look at the opportunities (and challenges) for RegTech – promising examples of new technology, the role of the public sector, and the compliance areas with the greatest need for transformative solutions.

So how does GEVME ensure the success of these events at the Singapore FinTech Festival 2016  – one of the largest in Asia?

1. Online Registration & Ticketing

gevme singapore fintech festival 2016 online registration and ticketing

With Gevme, mobile responsive landing pages for the events were easily created and customized to fit our clients’ needs. This makes the pages user-friendly to both desktop and mobile users, ensuring a friction-less online registration experience to encourage registrations.

Customizable registration forms and different ticket types allowed clients to capture the right data from attendees to cater to their needs at the event, and also segment the attendees to better facilitate the check-in and management experience. Getting the right data and having a centralized attendee database in the cloud with Gevme served to connect the dots across the event lifecycle, saving event planners the time in data management.

QR codes were also provided in the confirmation emails sent to attendees to act as their digital IDs for the events.

2. Support Over 10,000 Registrations for A Paid Event

gevme singapore fintech festival 2016 over 10000 attendees

The final turn out using an integrated event management and marketing solution for ticketing? Registration numbers that hit around 12,000 attendees. Without a data management system in an event management software, the event planners would have had more difficulty keeping track of all these attendees across the various conferences, workshops and attendee segments. They could easily track and manage all their attendees without having to leave the platform to check out other sources of data to compare.

Not only that, the event planners would also be able to engage with the attendees pre-event and filter out the necessary information for further re-marketing or sales.

So how does Gevme handle a big amount of attendees spread out across different event sessions?

3. Onsite Registration & Name Badge Printing

gevme singapore fintech festival 2016 event onsite registration and name badge printing

When it comes to the event onsite process, knowing your venue is key. Once the Gevme team knew which locations were selected for the above-stated events, we discussed plans with our clients to fully utilize the space given to ensure a seamless onsite experience for their attendees. As Gevme also believes in going paperless, attendees were given QR codes to check-in at the event. These QR codes would also act as trackers for event organizers and exhibitors to know where each attendee has been.

Carrying through our motto of wowing our attendees, the Gevme team provided:

  • 4 Self-Help Kiosk Counters equipped with 3 Gevme Tablets each
  • 6 Assisted Registration Counters
  • 3 Help Desks
  • Name Badge Printers

Handling onsite registrations, check-ins and badge printing in the past can be quite the hassle for event organizers without proper event technology, having to pre-print badges beforehand to shorten queue times and having to sift through massive piles of badges during the event to find the right ones when attendees checked-in. However, with everything in the Gevme cloud, all an attendee has to do at a self-help kiosk is to:

  1. Scan the QR code to check-in
  2. Wait for the badge to be printed
  3. Collect the name badge
  4. Enjoy

The GEVME Onsite application is able to pull the information from the cloud almost instantly, shortening queue times tremendously and releasing manpower to focus on other aspects of the event experience. As the application is able to pull information from the central database, the event planners were able to personalize messages for different types of attendees ahead of time. Personalization creates a sense of belonging within attendees – and this is key to any true event experience.

4. Use RFID for Event Sessions Tracking

gevme rfid for event sessions tracking

Running multiple sessions such as conferences and workshops within one single event can be difficult to track at times. With proper event technology however, those difficulties are easily resolved. Gevme provides support for RFID scanning for different event sessions taking place this week, ensuring all attendees coming through for any particular session are accounted for. If they did not register for a session, Gevme will notify the event planner as well. This easily saves time on filtering authorized entries and confirmed attendances for all separate sessions.

The big picture? FinTech organizers will be able to see how one single attendee interacts with the different sessions in one event, understanding what he or she has registered for and attends. From the data alone, the organizers will be able to better understand their attendees’ preferences and improve on future events that better suit their needs.

Final Note

The Singapore FinTech Festival 2016 is but one of three major events that Gevme is supporting in Asia within a week. With a strong presence in both China and Myanmar as well, Gevme powers the 3rd China (Lianyungang) Silk Road International Logistics Expo and ASOCIO ICT SUMMIT 2016.

At Gevme, we strive to evolve our event technology further to support and provide new ways for event planners to wow their attendees. We provide the suite of tools for you as an event organizer or event marketer to own your event and drive the attendance you want.

Level up your events with Gevme’s omnichannel event platform

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