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GEVinar: The 9 Steps In A Successful Event Lifecycle

gevinar the 9 steps in a successful event lifecycle

Running events can be time-consuming. It could even be possibly risky without having both the right skills and know-how as to what works. Having the appropriate resources and marketing the event effectively to your target audience are key factors too.

Even if your event is a smashing success, how would you know if you did your best?

How can you prove it to your company?

What metrics can you use to justify the investment?

Are you using the right tools for your event lifecycle?

The Spark

After receiving similar questions from our clients and blog readers, we decided to introduce a series of interactive GEVinars (GEVME webinars) that will cover the leading issues of today in the MICE industry. During our GEVinars, you can learn from industry experts, ask questions, and also get digital resources that will help you apply what you learn on the job.

Your Event Success

Our event planners focus on the framework to build our events on.

If you are looking for a formula for successful events, learn the 9 steps in a success event lifecycle that our team used “behind the scenes” to organize thousands of successful events over the past decade.

Here are just 9 steps:

  1. The framework of a successful event lifecycle building
  2. Minimizing administrative work
  3. Building a perfect event website
  4. Segmenting invitees for super-targeting
  5. Creating marketing campaigns that sell your tickets like crazy!
  6. Creating a registration landing page and why it’s important. (it can increase ticket sales by 30%)
  7. Seamless onsite experience for your attendees
  8. Event closure and evaluation
  9. Following up attendees, exhibitors, sponsors.

Also, check our GEVME Success Solutions and find advanced tips on how to make your event success happen with the help of tech solutions:

Tips on organising a successful event

Unleash your creativity and turn any virtual event idea into reality

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