Event greening: Should you Care? And Why?

Going green. It’s an ongoing theme circulating around Singapore since the beginning of 1990 and as far back to the late 1960s. We’ve been constantly reminded to “Reuse, Reduce and Recycle”. Do you remember Captain Green? Well, turns out the frog has a point. Environmental sustainability. So, event greening. Should you care? Yes, because global warming is real, we know that. But if you actually prefer a toastier planet and the whole ‘panic’ about global warming doesn’t bother you, did you know there are actual benefits in going green for your events? Curious? Read on.

Cost Savings

Think about it, “what you don’t use, you save”. This is especially true when you are organizing an event. Paper invitations? Why use paper? Go electronic! For smaller events using bottled water, how about foam cups and a water dispenser? It’s efficient and a lot cheaper. Who wants to carry an unfinished bottled of water anyways? Click here for some foam facts!

Efficiency and Productivity

Person using a tablet

Person using a tablet / Source

As mentioned, using electronics and not paper saves cost but it also saves everybody’s time. Gone are the days when you have to do things manually using a pen and a paper. For event management, this is critically important. It frees up time for event staff to focus on other things. The most time consuming, being registration and checking in attendees. Nobody likes to wait in line. Especially one that snakes around. We’ve all been there. But if you’re here and you don’t already know. Click here to find out our solution to the problem.

Helping others to help you

Shaking hands

Shaking hands / Source

Give local services that go green, your business. Not only it saves cost by driving wastage to a minimum, but it encourages the industry to follow good and sound practices.

Public Image

Colored letters forming the word "CARE"

Colored letters forming the word “CARE” / Source

Positive vibes bring in positive attitudes. It’s like telling people that you care. That’s free marketing for your event right there! It also creates awareness that your organization is part of the effort. Surrounding the event with positive messages of “saving the earth” also influences the attendees, and their change of mindset acts as a great start in making critical decisions in the future.

Doing it online with VR (Virtual Reality)

An image captured in the virtual world of "Second Life"

An image captured in the virtual world of “Second Life” / Source

I won’t be surprised if this might actually be a reality (or… virtual reality?). What better way to save cost and the environment by just doing it in artificial space? With the constant change and adaptations to technology, virtual worlds might be a viable option for “hosting” certain types of events and using VR, as a medium.

Making us better people

TEDxBrussels, an independantly organized TED event

TEDxBrussels, an independantly organized TED event / Source

We all feel good when we’re doing the right thing, but I personally think that apart from the need to save the earth or to “improve the bottom line”, it genuinely develops us into better, thinking people. By placing our efforts in solving challenging questions, keeping up-to-date with the latest trends in going green, and continue to search for ways to lower our carbon footprint to a minimum; it evolves us to be critical, intelligent thinkers, consistently looking for creative ways to innovate and to improve ourselves and the technologies all around us.

In conclusion…

I hope that this post would inspire you to green-up your next event and be socially and environmentally responsible because hey, we’ve only got one Earth to call home. Spread the word, and remember; that every little thing counts and the change begins with you.