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Creative Corporate Event Ideas

Creative Corporate Event Ideas

If you’re in the event-planning industry, you probably know how rewarding corporate event organisation can be. It’s where you can let your imagination run wild. It’s where you can feel like a superhero saving countless employees from mundane office work. It’s where you perform your magic.

But as we know, nothing interesting is ever completely one-sided. To make a corporate event journey truly fascinating, you must be a powerhouse of ideas. People don’t want to attend costume parties year after year. They want something special. However, finding the right kind of “special” might be quite a challenge.

Here’s the good news: we’ve scouted some mind-bending ideas for corporate events and have come up with this big list we are more than happy to share with you.

  1. Volunteering

With corporations around the world striving to be more socially responsible, volunteering activities have gained exceptional appeal. Take a corporate team on a “beautifying mission.” You might even keep the final destination a secret to build some anticipation. Create personalised invitations where you explain that the invitee is invited to make this world a bit better. Big teams can be split into groups based on their interests and then taken to various places like women’s shelters, child care organisations, or senior homes where their help can be highly appreciated.

  1. Shadow art Shadow art

As one of the most impressive ways of storytelling, shadow art is something that won’t leave anyone cold. How about engaging a corporate team in a shadow show? You can either choose a narrative and assign the roles in advance or let your team go on stage and experiment. Not only does it promise a great deal of fun, but it allows people to become part of a real art performance—something they might have never experienced before.

  1. Live music concerts

Forget about karaoke cliches. It’s time to host a real concert! Organise a live music concert for a corporate team in the office or outside with real musical instruments, an audience, and a list of favorite compositions. If it’s a challenge to find instruments, or people can’t play them, look for a fun alternative. Here’s how the Backstreet Boys performed their “I Want It That Way” on Jimmy Fallon’s show using nothing but classroom instruments:

  1. Carnival parade

Of course, you can always take your corporate team to Rio, but if your budget doesn’t really allow that, why not organise your own carnival parade? From Capoeira classes and costumes to a professional carnival-themed music band, it’s really an inexhaustible source of ideas.

If you need more inspiration on setting up a carnival parade, check out the Cape Town Carnival event here.

  1. Balloon games

Balloons can be both an element of décor and the main focus of your party. To spice up a corporate Halloween party, use pumpkin balloons with “a secret.” For example, you can put small toy snakes or fake blood packets into some of the balloons and play a few games with your team. The loser will have to choose one balloon and deflate it.

  1. Alternative payment café

In the new café recently opened in Covent Garden, visitors can pay for their meals with a workout. Now think about how you can tweak this idea to build a super fun event for your corporate team. As an example, organise a formal dinner, let people order food and drinks, and then, all of a sudden, announce that they should pay for it with a song or some kind of performance. Be creative here, but don’t go too far. 🙂

  1. Giveaways

You can call it a “wanna get rich” party or a “prize hunter” event to add some excitement. The main idea is to organise an event with a range of activities that include prize winning. This party idea can be perfectly tied with a holiday celebration like Christmas. For instance, employees can bring their kids and spouses to compete for Christmas giveaways in family teams.

  1. Food trips

For corporate incentive trip organisers, we have one great tip: FOOD! Take a corporate team on an engaging culinary tour in some picturesque corner of the world. It’s a great idea to involve local tour guides who can take the team to some authentic restaurants, farms, or markets. Maybe even cook something together with local food lovers. This can be truly relaxing and fun. In the end, if there’s one thing that unites us all, it’s a love of eating!

  1. Indoor go-karting Indoor go-karting

Do you think the team will enjoy a high-speed event? Go-karting is the perfect idea. Thanks to top-notch indoor go-kart facilities that are available these days, a team race isn’t necessarily a summer corporate event idea. It can now be a perfect fit for any holiday celebration or any season.

  1. Cocktailing

Boring? Not if your team has to make them using some “spicy” ingredients! Here’s the idea: split the team into groups of three to five people, and give each group a creative task. One team will have to make a cocktail using two salty, two sweet, and two red-colored ingredients. The other one will have to use red pepper and any other ingredients that will mask this flavor. Go crazy with your cocktailing corporate party event ideas! But don’t go too far if you use alcohol :).


Unusual corporate event ideas are not only excellent mood boosters for the whole team, but they also keep employee retention high and help maximize work performance. What’s more, if you organise a unique event that people keep talking about in spades, you can get the most out of your event ROI.

We hope that these 10 best corporate event ideas will get your creative juices flowing and that you’ll be able to do some real magic for your corporate team!

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