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How to Create a Powerful Online Event Registration with Gevme [Infographic]

How to Create a Powerful Event Registration with Gevme [Infographic]

From the moment of discovering the information about an event to the event attendance, there’s one crucial process that has to happen in between. This is the event registration. Providing your target audience with the easy-to-use tools for online event registration is one of the core aspects of determining attendance rates.

How do you turn event registration into space for converting as many visitors to attendees as possible? Based on the GEVME experience and online registration statistics, there are five steps that help you craft a seamless system for getting target attendees through the door:

  • Create a high-converting and mobile-friendly landing page.
  • Set up integrated registration by providing ticketing information and special offers.
  • Use customized fields to create an effective registration form.
  • Set up payment methods, based on buyers’ preferences.
  • Finish it up by sending personalized email confirmation letters.

GEVME has some working tips on successful online registration execution which we’re sharing with you in the infographic below.

Online registration process


The GEVME Registration app is the best online instrument to help you reach success on each of the 5 core stages of online event registration setup. Check it out and test the app free of charge!

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