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Create and Manage an Attendees List

There are no events without attendees. That is why it is vital for a planner to develop a list of attendees by using an events organizing system, which is an effective way to organize event planning workflow and a successful event campaign. This allows a planner to coordinate the work of the team by streamlining all related documentation in one place, more effectively monitoring the workflow, and so much more.

What is an attendees list?

When attendees from 50+ countries are invited and registered at your event website, and all of them are involved through various channels, a guest attendee list and guest list management help to organize and structure the event workflow.

Attendees may come from faraway areas to learn new ideas at the conference, to network with fellow professionals, or to meet with the industry suppliers at your awards event. They should be flawlessly registered and tracked during the large-scale events. An attendee list is a much needed event document if you want well-structured event management.

GEVME displays a list of all the participants in a session. You can toggle between the Attendees tab and the Staff tab (which displays the names of organizers, presenters, and panelists) to see who’s in attendance. This simplifies the workflow and turns the event planning into a real pleasure, not a nightmare.

How to create an attendees list

What do you need to know about creating event attendee lists? First of all, it is quite simple using a professional event management platform or the apps designed for onsite or online attendee registration.

Traditionally, you register, request a demo, learn how it works, fill in the necessary fields, and then create a new event. After that, you fill in the required fields on your event details, including attendees, enter the name of the event, and add the participants of the event (a person or company) from your customer database.

To help characterize the event and facilitate those who are searching for the event, tags are often added. To do this, event organizing systems usually allow clicking on the Add Tag link and selecting one of the existing tags or creating a new one. By selecting Save, the created event will be added to the Event list. The same can be done with your attendees.

If you want to restrict access to the created events, check the Restrict Access options and simply add any users you want to grant access to. Check the Notify option if you want to inform the selected users about the events created or any other updates.

Usually, professional event organizing systems provide the best necessary tools and features needed for creating events and attendee lists as well as extending your management functions.

As an organizer, you can make other attendees the presenters at any time, which does not cause them to automatically become organizers. 

To add other participants, on the page of the selected event, there are also options for switching to the Participants tab and selecting the one you need (the person or company) from your existing contacts by entering them in the search field. The selected contact will be added to make a list of attendees. Commonly, creating a new attendee checklist may include the following features:

  • Create guest list
  • View and update
  • Filters
  • Statuses
  • Attendee data
  • Export functions
  • And more

To store all the documentation related to the event in one place, use the Documents tab on the page of the selected event. This is where you can:

  • Create new documents, sheets, or presentations by clicking the New File link and selecting the file type from the list.
  • Edit existing documents by clicking the Edit option that appears to the right of the desired document when you hover the mouse over it.
  • Download documents from the hard disk by clicking the Download File link, which will be displayed in the form of a thumbnail for easy access.
  • Export existing documents to your hard drive using the Export/Import options in whatever format is convenient for you (pdf, ppt, docx, etc.).

Event managers can track the status of email messages sent about the event for all email triggers. The parameters are available on the Settings tab in the event section. The event toolbar provides a graphic representation of all event statistics.

Generally, you can view various types of event information from the event management system panel. There is also an opportunity to use a guest list management app if you want to have quicker access in order to control event management workflow while on the go or from devices other than your work PC.

Tips for Gevme users

When administrators, event organizers, and other users choose Gevme, they get a balanced event organizing, management, and control system all in one as well as all the necessary information on how to make a guest list using the service assistants:


  • Set clear event planning objectives
  • Choose the format accordingly
  • Start planning right away
  • Negotiate with vendors
  • Mobilize your networks
  • Create the attendee list
  • Send invitations
  • Create online registration
  • Process entries
  • Learn from every event via platform stats to improve your ROI.


These simple tips for improving your event management skills via the Gevme platform will definitely come in handy and make an ultimate event planning advantage.


Event organizers are responsible for attendee check-in and their data storage, issuing permissions to individual users and groups for using that data, defining the rights of event managers, creating additional administrators and event managers, and more. They are also responsible for group memberships, event tags, email aliases, endorsements, analytics administration, the event catalog, and general templates. Event organizers can also highlight any event or assign awards judges, make a guest list, and more.

You as a planner can always learn more about how to create an attendees list from Gevme consultants any time you need help with large-scale event management and a large number of event attendees.

Feel free to create your Gevme guest list and share your ideas below!


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