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Get Your Event Audience to Create the Buzz on Social Media

According to the one important event marketing rule “the more the better,” we suggest you take into consideration that event social media buzz is a necessary part of event marketing strategy. Social media platforms create event awareness among a wide audience, engage and entertain attendees during an event.

To help you with your event marketing tasks, here is a checklist to act as your guide and make sure your audience creates the buzz for your event on social media!

1.     Create social media event pages

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Make sure your event has pages on social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn (for specific industry events), Twitter and Instagram. Design of social pages should be in line with your event website design. Please, do not forget to check that your event website and emails have links to your social media pages. The Gevme Website Builder App a simple tool for building a customized and well social media optimized event page. Create a frictionless online registration experience In terms of converting your attendees to social media fans/followers, we suggest using the Call-to-Action (CTA) “Follow the event in social media” at the end of your emails

2.     Announce your event in social media

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Announce your event on social media and use paid tools to promote your event among social media users. Create the eye-catchy video about your event and post it on social pages. Here are some reasons why video is the most effective way to promote your event:

  • video get your audience involved in the event atmosphere even before the event takes place
  • video is becoming a popular content format which engages your audience longer and at a deeper level
  • video is easily promoted and reaches more people on social media

3.    Create and spread a customized event hashtag

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An event hashtag is a powerful tool

  • to accumulate all online discussions and user-generated content (UGC) around your event
  • to connect all your attendees online
  • to increase the online visibility of your event
  • to excite other social media users and engaging them with the event’s content

The following tips will help you in creating a great event hashtag. When brainstorming the list of hashtags, take into consideration that it is:

  • Unique: check your new hashtag in social media platforms and avoid mixing your event hashtag with hashtags of other events.
  • Short: make your hashtag smaller. For example #SingaporeFinTechFestival can be reduced to #SGFinTechFest.
  • Clear: a hashtag needs to be easy to understand and copy. Make sure your attendees will not type it wrong.
  • Memorable: unleash a small campaign using your hashtag. Include your hashtag in social media posts, stickers, badges, banners, newsletters, flyers, event videos, event presentations, etc. Make your attendees remember it.

A well-known and well-promoted hashtag brings success to your event. Using it helps you in making people take notice of your event, track discussions around your event (before, during and after) and to create buzz.

4.     Use a Social Media Display at your event

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Create an immersive onsite experience by bringing the online social media feeds to your offline event. A great place for a social media wall is in a central location of your event venue. This requires very little effort when using social media walls like Tagboard, Tweetbeam and others.

A Social Media Display has a bunch of advantages:

  • getting your attendees talking on social media
  • boosting interaction between attendees
  • engaging your guests
  • generating exposure
  • entertaining your audience

 5.    Entertain and engage your attendees with some fun

Social-buzz-your event-managment-marketing_GEVME-4

They would love to have online games or contests with prizes as a welcome break from serious speakers.

Encourage your guests to take photos, ask questions and leave comments on social media. Then, give prizes for “Selfie of the Day”, “Best question addressed to speaker” or “The most ingenious comment”. A free registration for next year’s event is always a good prize.

If your attendees enjoyed your event, they will tell people about it on social media. Do not hesitate to share those posts on the event’s social media channels as well.

6.    Create social media live content

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Generate live content as much as possible. You could easily stream live feeds of your event for free using Ustream. Don’t pass on the opportunity to create unique event content such as a daily post-show podcast, speaker interviews, sponsors, and attendees.

7.    Collect social media content

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Your guests will share all kinds of media about your event: posts, videos, photos, Tweets, etc. Collect and view all posts from social media with a tool like Storify or Eventhashtag.

Creating your own social room and sharing the positive feedback through your event’s social media channels help you in keeping your attendees engaged after the event – and warm them up for your next event.


Social media can be quite overwhelming. So many channels to use, so many people to reach, so many ways to do it. Take the event content and spread it as wide as possible. Your objective is to get the doubters that did not come this year to view that content and decide to go for the next event.

I hope that this checklist helps you in getting the most out of your event with a good social media strategy.

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