Best Event Marketing Tools

Promotional tools for event marketing are powerful assistance for your event marketing. They help to save time and efforts during the event promotion. You are welcome to look them through and pick the most effective apps for your marketing needs from our top 12 marketing tools list.

Reasons to use event marketing tools

Nowadays, marketing specialists need to learn about new tools, develop new skills, and adapt to a fast-changing environment.

The modern marketer should know how to:

  • build the website
  • write the copy
  • create the eye-catchy design following the brand guidelines
  • run and analyse the paid campaigns
  • organise events
  • plan the budget
  • run PR campaigns
  • understand both offline and online channels. etc

David Ly Khim, a growth marketer from HubSpot, wrote in his article “T-shaped marketer” about the skills modern marketer are expected to have:

We bet if you are the event marketer who works under time pressure with multitasking, these top 12 online event marketing tools will help you to power up the online event marketing. Set up event marketing automation, run social media promotion, create designs asap without  any design assistance, and more with the help of the top event marketing tools.

Top 12 best event marketing tools for 2019

There are a lot of interesting examples of marketing tools for an event that come in handy while preparing for events. Here is another top-quality tool list that features the recent best event marketing tools for 2019.

1. Hubspot

hubspot tool

About: Hubspot is a marketing automation tool with an easy-to-use CRM system that eliminates much of the manual work and helps your sales team to sell.


  • Calendar/reminder system
  • Document storage
  • Email marketing
  • Lead scoring
  • Marketing automation integration
  • Segmentation
  • Task management

Pros: Free version available and Online business hours with 24/7 (live rep) support

Cons: No social media integration

2. GEVME Website Builder

About: This is a cloud-based solution for your event marketing and management needs.


  • Event  website template samples
  • Variety of presentation layouts
  • Advanced speakers listing feature
  • Agenda listing integration
  • GEVME Website Builder’s Media Gallery
  • User-oriented CMS
  • GEVME Website Builder CDN
  • Registration form & SEO integration
  • Integration safety

Pros and cons: Free demo is available and online support.

Cons: Contact us to get a free Demo.

3. GEVME Email Marketing

GEVME Email Marketing

About: A marketing tool from GEVME that organises Email campaigns, is well integrated with other GEVME apps and available both like a separate marketing tool and like a part of the all-in-one platform GEVME.


  • Email template gallery
  • Custom email design
  • Advanced SMART Campaigns
  • The large volume of emails in one campaign (100,000+ emails)
  • Personalised follow up
  • Integration with other GEVME Apps
  • Live online support

Pros: Free Demo is available.  Contact us to get a free Demo. GEVME makes event management and marketing easy.

4. GEVME Surveys

GEVME Surveys

About: GEVME’s survey app. Engage and follow up your potential or current attendees, collect meaningful insights about your attendees to run smart promo campaigns.


  • Surveys & feedback
  • Integration with other GEVME Apps
  • Live online support

Pros: Free demo is available.

Cons:  Contact us to get a free Demo.

5. Judgify

Judgify abstract management platform

About: This is an online event management platform with a judging module that collects submissions and manages online judging for multiple types of awards events: conferences, trade shows, corporate and educational events, contests, academic conferences, and more. Run awards, contests to engage your attendees and create buzz around your event at the Pre-event stage.


  • Awards and contest planning
  • Online judging and scoring
  • Public voting through social media accounts
  • Enterprise features

Pros: Judgify will allow maximum involvement of visitors. This is an all-in-one solution for your awards which offers a free Basic plan for free awards.

6. Rainfocus

About: Another platform that provides software solutions to understand event data, enhance sales, and help event marketers with their marketing reach.


  • Global customer engagement
  • Global sponsor management
  • Content management, etc.

Pros: Allows marketing teams to operate by intelligence rather than instinct; request demo is allowed.

7. BrightTALK

About: BrightTALK makes various experiences online much easier with the help of unlimited webinars and other videos, including events via modern HTML5 players.


  • Social media promotion
  • Customisable branding
  • Live chat
  • Multiple hosts
  • On-demand webinars
  • Polls/voting
  • Q & A

Pros: Free demo allowed, training, documents, webinars, live online 24/7 support

Cons: Starting price is $350.00/month


About: An easy-to-use social media wall tool that allows collecting and displaying various content from multiple social media platforms on the digital screen at your event.


  • Keyword filtering
  • Multi-account management
  • Post-event scheduling
  • Analytics
  • Automated publishing
  • Contact management
  • Content management

Pros: Starting price is $100.00/one-time. Free trial available. The easy-to-use social wall that allows you to collect, curate, and display content from multiple social media platforms; allows you to embed your social feed on your website or display it on a screen at events, hotels, restaurants, shops, offices, etc.

9. Buffer

About: An intuitive, streamlined social media management platform for social media content publishing


  • Multi-account management
  • Post-event scheduling
  • Content management
  • Analytics
  • Automated publishing

Pros: Free trial and free version are available. Starting price is $15.00/month. Online support is available.

10. Canva

About: Canva allows you to design presentations and social media graphics faster without special skills by using a graphic design tool with drag-and-drop functionality and professional layouts.


  • Read- to-use design templates
  • Graphic design editor
  • Most popular image formats and resizes
  • Presentation features  
  • Organisational chart features  

Pros: Templates that are ready-made, great looking, and easy to edit.

Cons: The starting price is not provided by the vendor.

11. Certain

About: Certain is a tool that helps advertisers and events experts coordinate their event sales and transform them into great showcases of deals, sales, and marketing results.

Features: Certain has a few features which event marketers can value while running event promotion:

  • Attendee Management
  • Ticketing
  • Badge Management
  • Vendor management
  • Sponsorship management
  • Surveys & feedback
  • Room block management

Pros and Cons: Certain supports marketers with the technology they need to unlock customer insights. Online business hours with 24/7 (live rep) support.

12. Attend

About: This tool is designed for  event coordinators, sales representatives to manage the event attendance, but it also can be helpful for event marketers  to promote events and drive more traffic.


  • Attendee Management
  • Badge management
  • Customizable Registration & Invitations
  • Access to real-time registration data
  • Social media promotion

Pros: Free version, free demo, Cloud, SaaS, web versions, training, Live Online 24/7 (Live Rep) support.

Cons: Starting price is $200.00/month.

What to look for

There are plenty of instruments that can help the event advertisers work more effectively. In any case, there are a few attributes you should search for in a marketing tool based on your marketing needs:


The product should empower the event executive from start to finish yet be sufficiently adaptable to work in the same manner you do.


Your tools used in event marketing must be associated with other key frameworks in order to limit the copying of information and reduce manual procedures, thus decreasing the human factor. These include announcing, funding, CRM, and sales computerisation applications.


It is especially important for midsize enterprises and bigger ventures for the product to be able to scale effectively, which will help the size and recurrence of the events your group overseaes.

Client support

“Expect the unexpected” is an event marketing motto. It is a cliché designed for event directors. Flights get dropped, shipments get lost, and reservations get stirred up. These things happen! Indeed, even the best programming is priceless without a devoted, responsive help group backing it (and you) up.


Versatile usefulness, including mobile devices, allows events to be remote. Your executive event programming should bolster your requirements wherever you and your participants are on any gadget, even miles away. Clearly, the functions of event marketing tools shouldn’t be limited to web versions.

Tips to improve your event marketing

To set up your marketing tools to promote an event successfully, follow these eight tips:

  • Choose tools with e-mail & content marketing options
  • Pick tools with social media options
  • Use free open and available tools
  • Read event planner blogs
  • Pay attention to design and website builder options
  • Use analytical frameworks
  • Use events to track user experience
  • Use the right marketing tools for event planners for each particular task.

A carefully thought-out marketing strategy is very important because when solving specific goals, you need an appropriate action plan and specific tools.

How to choose the right tool

Promotion of an event and brand on the Internet, in social networks, etc., via the top event marketing tools requires clear goal setting. Based on the final goal, you can develop an entire advertising platform and a campaign; therefore, you should clearly understand what you want to achieve through a specifically chosen event marketing tool.

After you choose it, ask yourself these questions: How does my event marketing tool cover my needs? Does it bolster my general advertising system and procedures? Does it help me to achieve the event goals?


Corporations and other enterprises can successfully introduce themselves via their events and find new customers, intermediaries, partners, etc. Also, thanks to a competent marketing tool, they improve their existing brand image and reputation, increase recognition, and so much more. It is important to be familiar with the best event marketing tools and choose the best instruments that perfectly fit your enterprise requirements.

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