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Best Event Management Software for Non-Profits

In the Asian region, there has been an annual increase in the number of non-profit organisations. Non-profit organisations include a huge number of institutions in a wide variety of fields. They provide many events as well. That is why event planners are searching for effective non-profit event management tools more often.

What is event management software?

Non-profit event management software is often a cloud-based, online platform with a set of effective business solutions that cover different aspects of ticketing, check-in, and organizing a non-profit event, from planning to the post-event stages, including promotion, surveys, other follow up, and more. Interestingly, there are not so many applications available for creating and storing event lists for non-profits.

Reasons to use event management software and its benefits

The use of automated event management software for non-profits allows you to effectively solve the main tasks when organising an event for a non-profit:

  • Accounting of financing, budgeting, and control of budget execution
  • High-quality project management and work on grants
  • Event organisation and management
  • Building an effective personnel management system
  • Automating the organisation’s document flow
  • Effective management and reporting after the event

This software also allows non-profit organisations to solve a wide range of tasks in order to achieve strategic goals:

  • Increase the number of partners for the organisation
  • Improve employee performance
  • Have control over the event (conference, seminar, charity event, etc.)

In addition, event management software often helps the members of the organisation to maintain a complete history of relationships with other companies and contacts.

What to look for

You may either seek out free event management software or look for a professional prepaid solution. No matter which you choose, the platform you use should be socially oriented, fit the non-profit organisation’s objectives, and be able to carry out socially oriented events and post-event activity. This activity should include the following:

  • All areas of non-profit organisations
  • Social media promotion and support
  • Protection of attendees’ activities, their rights and freedoms, and more

At the same time, such solutions should also meet a company’s business demands and guarantee the following rates: attendee satisfaction (84%), revenue (56%), media coverage (16%), team building (12%), and any other scoring criteria and software requirements that are important for that particular non-profit.

The top 10 best event management software for non-profits for 2019

From the variety of online non-profit event solutions, we’ve chosen the most widely used tools with good rates.

Event management software tools for non-profits:

Google Ad Grants

By becoming a member of the Google for Non-Profit Organizations program, you can talk about your mission with a wide audience, attract volunteers, raise funds on the Internet, and accomplish other important charity tasks directly through Google’s platform. Here you can also work as a team and solve more problems while organising events.

G Suite for non-profit organisations

To improve the performance of your non-profit organisation, you also may use modern, reliable business products, such as Gmail, Hangouts, Drive, Docs, and Calendar, that are widely applied by event managers in their everyday planning work.

YouTube for non-profit organisations

Videos will help you talk about your events and charity work with a wide audience and will provide useful tips to help you gain donations. Although available in the U.S. only, this option is a good event promotion platform. Once the non-commercial status of your organization is confirmed, you will be sent an email with all the details on how to get started.


Doubleknot is suitable for both a small “lunch and learn” and a multi-track conference for tens of thousands of attendees for non-profit events. Registration, upsells and add-ons, attendee email lists and addresses, mobile ticketing for smart phones, print-at-home tickets, and other options are available.


OneCause is one of the best fundraising solutions for non-profit events. As a planner, you can rest easy and put your trust in this software. You can plan everything from complex silent auctions to seminars or sports outings, track attendance, sync with your social media accounts, etc.


With the help of Fonteva, you can bring together all the necessary features you need to see your event successfully organised from beginning to end, including customisable reports and dashboards, marketing, and features for e-commerce.


This is one of the top event management software programs for associations and is another event management platform with customised registration forms and unique data collection methods that allow you to plan your association’s next events as straightforwardly as possible.


With the help of the following software, you can manage any type of non-profit event by facilitating peer-to-peer fundraising, crowd funding, team fundraising, and corporate fundraisers via a customizable event website.


This cloud service is popular due to its detail toward confidentiality and is often used for planning events as well as being used for file storage. It is possible to use for free, but paid basic costs $20, premium is $3.99 USD, and premium plus is $7.99. There are no restrictions on file size within the chosen package, and there’s two-factor security and other features.


GEVME is often sought after by event planners in the Asian region. It acts as an abstract management system for multiple types of events and is a perfect solution for all types of awards events, contests, academic conferences, and more, including charity and other non-profit events.

How to choose the right tool

To organise events for non-commercial companies and to store pictures, text documents, and other files while making them accessible from any gadget, you can use an external drive or put everything in the cloud. Keeping information on the web for storage is safer, but you have to choose the right tool first.

  • Start from the approximate budget of the event, and make a budget for online services.
  • Consider all the available tools: premises, equipment, advertising, printing, logistics, catering, team and time management features, etc.
  • Also look up for extra options, such as ticket purchases, accommodations, meals, transportation, and other things.

Once you understand what exactly you need, you can choose the platform, launch the event, and start collecting money. Where, who, and when will depend on the format of the non-profit event.

Tips to improve the event management process

Organising an event for a non-profit organisation is twice as hard as it is for the big corporations or other commercial companies. To help with the special requirements, you should follow these tips in order to improve your event management process:

  • Define the purpose and the event format.
  • Plan the event with the chosen event management service.
  • Make a budget, and include possible negative situations.
  • Distribute areas of responsibility by delegating them to the team.
  • Promote the event.
  • Make final preparations.
  • Ask for feedback.
  • Analyse, report, store, or share the data via the best apps.

After your event is over, do not forget to ask for feedback and to include the most successful cases in your events portfolio.


No matter whether you seek free or prepaid event management software, always look for a professional solution that satisfies your event management demands to the fullest.

We are happy to help you with your non-profit activities or to develop and improve event management solutions for non-profits anytime, anywhere. If you need some advice, do not hesitate to contact us at any time.

You are welcome to leave your own suggestions!


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