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5 Best Event Invitation Email Examples

5 Best Event Invitation Email Examples

An event is a puzzle, and if you don’t manage to craft a strong event invitation email, you can lose one of its fundamental pieces. This is especially true if you’re new to the world of event planning; it is a challenge to understand how people will respond to your invite.

What can really be helpful here is tapping into your own inbox. Check out other event invites that made you sign up for various things, and try to spot any similarities. People have different interests and preferences, but there are some common email triggers that compel them to convert. Through the detailed analysis of good event invitation emails, you can develop a strong quality standard for your event invites.

And if you don’t know where to look, we have great news for you: You can just continue reading this blog post!

To help you understand the anatomy of a high-converting event invitations email, we’ve picked five top-notch samples that work for a wide array of event types.

The key elements of a good event invitation email

You can change visuals and messaging, but there’s a basic framework that makes your event email invitation work. Here are the key elements that belong to it:

  1. Subject line: You’ve heard this one a thousand times before, but it’s still never a bad idea to remind you about the importance of a catchy subject line. The major rule you should follow with a subject line, apart from making it “concise and clear”, is adding some punch. Remember, your goal is to pull a recipient in, which definitely requires some attention-grabbing originality.
  2. Focal point: This is something that you want to be the core of your email invitation—the so-called “wow” element. Whether it’s a video or a punchy message, make sure the focal point resonates with email branding and value proposition. For instance, if you’re building a holiday festival invitation, a colourful visual is obviously the right fit.
  3. Event details: Let’s say you’ve been pulled into an event invite. Your attention has been drawn to a catchy focal point, and you realise this is something you might be interested in. What’s next? You want to find out the what, when, and where of the event. Design your event invitation email in a way that helps people identify basic details like theme, date, and location at first glance.
  4. Call to action (CTA): Creating an event invitation email without a CTA is a fool’s errand. Since your goal is to prompt registrations, the critical part of your planning should be the creation of a vivid, enticing call to action. The common mistake here is making a “Register here” CTA one of many. Many event marketers think they are creating value by linking an event invitation with additional resources, while, in fact, they might be diminishing this value. Using multiple CTAs can divert recipients’ attention from the main action they are required to take: signing up for the event.
  5. Brand/company identification: Telling your prospective attendee who stands behind an event is critical. Showcase a company logo and/or a company name to make it clear. If you partner with well-known sponsors, you might also want to add their names or logos as social proof.

The best event invitation email examples

Sticking to the skeleton in terms of an event invite structure is the first step to success. The next one would be wrapping these key structural elements within targeted content and enticing designs. Check out the following five best event invitation email examples that are very different in style but extremely effective in their own ways:

Content focused

Introductory webinar from Buffer

Content focused email

This formal event invitation email sample has three great elements: 1) targeted content, 2) a strong CTA, and 3) social proof. The best-use case for such event invites is business communication. While Buffer targeted people who were interested in the product, it was a great idea to provide a clear value proposition in the “What you’ll learn” section as well as a client testimonial.

Lesson to learn: If the goal of an event is to sell a product or service, focus on explaining the value of this product/service in an event invitation.

Engagement focused

RISE Conference

Engagement focused email

To promote a spectacular conference, you need a spectacular event invitation. RISE focused on delivering value through a video preview, which is a fool-proof strategy for pulling people in. Additionally, the organisers focused on fostering engagement through interaction with speakers’ lists and the agenda.

Lesson to learn: For industry conference promotion, arm yourself with engaging content. Since the target audience may be quite broad in such cases, it’s critical to use catchy elements that can resonate with different recipient groups.

Content focused

Advanced Content Marketing Summit from Neil Patel

Content focused email invitation

Neil Patel’s event invitations are known for their simplicity and catchy messaging. In the example below, we notice the emphasis is placed on the list of speakers.

Lesson to learn: Employ a speakers list as the main highlight for your event invitation if you’re building a personal brand. This will demonstrate your knowledge of recipients’ interests and help you collect targeted signups.

Brand focused

IFLA World Congress Singapore 2018

Brand focused email

This is the perfect example of a simple, on-brand exhibition invitation complemented with a vivid CTA and clearly emphasised event details.

Lesson to learn: Brevity is always a good idea. Focus on what’s important to communicate at this particular stage of event promotion, and align it with branding.

Engagement focused

Click by

Engagement focused email

This event invitation email has two excellent visual highlights: a branded image and a presentation video. Also, since is a globally known brand, it was a clever idea to use the name of the company’s CEO in the initial statement as well as to put an emphasis on brand colours.

Lesson to learn:  If you can leverage a brand name that adds trustworthiness to your event invite, whether it’s the name of an organiser or a partner, make the best use of it.


Now you know what it takes to create your own ideal examples of event invitation emails. Hopefully, the templates of the event invite that we selected for this blog post gave you a better understanding of how you can compel people to convert.

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