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4 Ways of Using Augmented Reality for your Events

If you regularly follow the latest news on technology trends, you’ll no doubt be aware that augmented reality (AR) is an ongoing topic of interest among industry professionals.

What started as a phenomenon that was used by only a few forward-thinking organizations is now a concept that has been rolled out across almost every industry.

However, have you been thinking about trying it out at your latest event, or as part of your marketing? If the answer is yes but you’re still not sure about it, let’s take a closer look at how AR can be used for events.

What is Augmented Reality?

Firstly, what exactly is AR? The technical answer is that it’s a live view of a real-world environment with additional computer-generated information overlaid on to it. This might include sound effects, videos, images or location data, but the important thing is that it results in the surrounding world becoming interactive for the user.

So the question among event professionals are how can AR be best used at events? We take a look at the various usages of AR.

Augmented Reality at Keynote

This is one of my favourite, used almost 4 years ago but still carries many fond memories for myself, as I was one of the core team members that made the event a reality. The usage of augmented reality at keynote was almost unheard of back then but we manage to pull this off and the audience was simply wowed by it. If you have not seen this video, take a look and you will see storytelling at its best using AR.

Augmented Reality at Exhibition

Imagine if you are holding an automobile exhibition and obviously, there is a limitation in terms of availability of space. The creative usage of Augmented Reality combined with tablet devices and accompanying custom app could help bring a different showroom experience to the automobile exhibition, and make it interactive for the audience. The below video from Volkswagen is a good example of how AR can be used for car showrooms.

Augmented Reality with Gamification

Cadbury did an AR app to engage the consumers of their chocolate bars through gamification. The amount of eyeballs generated from the app and the interaction was simply overwhelming and was a really unique concept back then when it was first launched.

Augmented Reality with Google Glass

This has not exactly happened (or at least I’ve not experienced it myself) but this concept video by Infinity shows what the possibilities can be, when the power of AR is combined with the power of Google Glass. (hint: think attendee experience).

Finally, it’s important to point out that there is also evidence it works. Hidden Creative found people are 135 per cent more likely to buy when looking at the AR version of a product than when seeing the product image alone, as well as valuing it 33 per cent more highly.

So if you are looking into using AR to increase your attendee engagement and overcome the physical limitations of the event venue, it’s probably worthwhile to give it a serious consideration.

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