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3 Ways to Nail Down Your Event Marketing ROI

How to Nail Down Your Event Marketing ROI

With events making up as much as 35 percent of the marketing budget for many companies, you can expect to be held accountable by the C-suite for proving its effectiveness, including ROI. Sure, you know exactly how many leads you collected, but how do you determine how many of them are qualified? With that metric out of play, how do you measure your events marketing effectiveness?

Here are the top 4 methods of finding relational data about your event and capturing valuable insight.

Utilize Social Listening Dashboarding Tools

Checking in with social media to determine any bounce from a campaign or an event is not a new idea. In fact, event management software is a 1.67 billion-dollar industry, with hundreds of players. However, if you do not use a coordinated strategy, these results may be harder to decipher.

This should start well ahead of the event. Create a unique, short, and catchy hashtag that you use in your promotional content, all social media posts and any press releases. Make sure all your free materials include the hashtag as well. This will give you an edge when capturing the amount of engagement before during and after an event, allowing you to stay focused on your conversion rates.

Create and Distribute a Survey

This can be done as a part of the event. Because you capture both contact information and engagement and satisfaction data, surveys are golden. While not all the leads you get from surveys will be quality, the ability to recognize the ones that are, has never been simpler.

Be sure to ask questions that will help you plan your future events. Feedback like this is valuable for learning just how to allocate your resources better next time. Connect the submission of the completed survey cards to a major and big ticket giveaway to increase participation. Or host the survey online for added engagement.

Build and App and Use Mobile Insights

Be sure to create a simple app for each event. Your event app doesn’t need to have many features. It should provide companion content to your event website. Think of creative incentives designed to get your customers to use the app during the event.

The amount of data you can collect from mobile users is immense. With IoT-enabled technology like geofencing you can find out how much time each user spent in specific locations (booths, vendors, food, entertainment). With geo-targeting, you can engage with event goers at precise times. You can even discover vertical data like how many photos were snapped and shared as well as how many messages and tweets were sent using the app.

Gaining ROI insights from an event is not an easy task. It takes creativity and determination. As well, you have to utilize the right technology. However, providing decision makers with enough positive data offers the best chance to have your budget remain a top priority.

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