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Take ​a ​deep ​dive ​into ​Science ​beyond ​school. ​Science ​Centre ​Singapore's ​Truly ​Madly ​Science ​Camps ​bring ​real ​world ​Science ​alive ​through ​exciting ​experiences. ​This camp is only for ​10-12 ​year ​olds. ​For safety reasons, no one below 10 years of age is allowed to participate. Parents are strictly not allowed to sit/join in these camps.

Signup ​for ​two ​camps ​and ​save ​$50. ​
Signup ​for ​four ​camps ​and ​save ​$240.
Lunch ​will ​be ​provided.

Truly ​Madly ​Science: ​Survive on Science - Mon 23 & Tue 24 Nov, ​10am ​to ​4pm
Food, ​water ​and ​shelter ​– ​these ​are ​the ​basic ​things ​we ​need ​to ​survive, ​whether ​in ​an ​urban ​environment ​or ​in ​the ​wilderness. ​Learn ​important ​wilderness ​survival ​skills ​such ​as ​making ​fire, ​obtaining ​drinking ​water, ​building ​a ​simple ​shelter ​and ​basic ​navigation. ​Be ​a ​survivor ​no ​matter ​what ​life ​throws ​at ​you ​– ​survive ​on ​science! ​

Truly ​Madly ​Science: ​Serious ​Gaming ​- ​Thu 26 & Fri 27 Nov, ​10am ​to ​4pm
If ​you ​LOVE ​playing ​video ​games, ​then ​this ​is ​the ​camp ​for ​you! ​You ​will ​be ​playing ​several ​games ​such ​as ​Minecraft, ​Kerbal ​Space ​Program, ​and ​SimplePlanes*. ​While ​doing ​so, ​you ​will ​solve ​problems, ​conquer ​challenges, ​and ​most ​importantly, ​learn ​important ​scientific ​concepts ​in ​the ​process. ​What ​are ​you ​waiting ​for? ​Ready ​to ​get ​your ​game ​on? ​

*Actual list of games may vary depending on availability.

Truly ​Madly ​Science: ​Engineering ​- ​Tue 1 & Wed 2 Dec, ​10am ​to ​4pm
Engineers start young! Make engineering concepts simple by combining Science knowledge and modern technology to build interesting structures and machines. This holistic experience will give students a headstart if they are interested in engineering.

Truly ​Madly ​Science: ​Astronomy ​- ​Thu 3 & Fri 4 Dec, ​2pm ​to ​8pm
Make your own telescope and explore the night sky in the portable planetarium. 
Explore ​what ​lies ​beyond where ​you ​will ​learn ​all ​about ​space, ​space ​exploration ​and ​a ​special ​stargazing ​session. ​Parents ​are ​invited ​to ​join ​the ​end ​of ​the ​camp ​on ​4 Dec ​to ​experience ​the ​wonders ​of ​astronomy.

Truly ​Madly ​Science: ​Chemystery ​- ​Mon 7 & Tue 8 Dec, ​10am ​to ​4pm
Colour ​changing, ​bubbles ​forming, ​heat ​produced ​– ​these ​are ​some ​ways ​to ​determine ​if ​a ​chemical ​reaction ​has ​occurred. ​Try ​out ​different ​experiments ​and ​unveil ​the ​mysteries ​behind ​them. ​Beware, ​some ​experiments ​are ​not ​safe ​to ​try ​at ​home! ​

Truly Madly Science Camp Lite - Mon 14, Tue 15, Wed 16, and Thu 17 Dec, 10am to 4pm
Students will attend 1 day of Survive on Science Camp, 1 day of Serious Gaming Camp, 1 day of Engineering Camp and 1 day of Chemystery Camp, and experience 4 different camps in 4 days. 

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Terms and Conditions
1. Confirmation is on a first-come-first-served basis. 
2. Please note that there will be no refund of the programme cost for any no shows, cancellations or wrong selections during registration. 
3. Please note that all discounted admissions are subject to the attendees holding the relevant identification. If identification is not produced upon request, the participant may be denied entry to the programme. .
4. Science Centre has the right to change or cancel the programme. In the event that the programme is cancelled, all registered participants will be informed 3 days prior to the date of the programme and all charges will be refunded.
5. Please inform us at least 3 working days in advance in the event that you are not able to turn up for the programme to avoid wastage in purchasing the lesson materials.
6. Please be informed that while we will make sure that necessary safety precautions are taken, the Science Centre will not be liable for any accidents or damages incurred during the programme. 
7. Science Centre Singapore may take photographs or recordings of any visitor for any purpose, without prior approval or compensation. Please inform the organizers should you not wish your child to be photographed during the event.

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