Green Things Summit

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10:00AM - 5:00PM


Explore the state of IoT and how it is used with other advanced technologies at the Summit of Things. 


The Internet of Things is reaching mass adoption as the industries using IoT rapidly expand. From smart buildings to smart cities, the Internet is connecting us in all new ways. 


Join Industry Insights Webinars and IoT Marketing Thursday November 15, 2022 from 10am-5pm PT for the “Summit of Things,” which is a summit focused on the Internet of Things and complementary technologies. This all-day live event will feature a combination of panel discussions, keynotes, training sessions, and more. 



Attendees can visit multiple stages, networking areas, and even explore a virtual expo hall, all on a unique experience-driven platform


What’s great is that those with tickets can access the content broadcast during the summit even once the event ends for up to 30 days. 



Discussion topics include:

  • IoT for Smart Manufacturing
  • IoT security and potential threats
  • Applications for IoT 
  • How IoT is used with blockchain
  • Digital twins and extended reality
  • Unlocking the Value of Data
  • Creating a Data-Driven Strategy
  • How to make money with IoT
  • Drone delivery and supply chains
  • The relationship between Blockchain and IoT

Who should attend

  • Telecom and Technology Ecosystem
  • Engineers and Technologists
  • IoT Adopters
  • Industry Professionals
  • Students, Educators, Professors


Anyone interested in:

  • Blockchain
  • Cybersecurity
  • IoT
  • Manufacturing
  • Energy
  • Smart Homes
  • Extended Reality
  • Data Management

Benefits to attend:

  • Discover new opportunities for IoT
  • Obtain insights across multiple industries
  • Get answers to your questions 
  • Expand your network 
  • Host 1-to-1 meetings 
  • Download valuable materials
  • Plan your sessions in advance 
  • Participate in training sessions
  • Gain a deeper understanding of IoT
  • Hear from international speakers
  • Visit our virtual expo hall
  • Attend keynotes, panel discussions, and fireside chats

Confirmed Speakers

  • Jeff Winter - Microsoft
  • Ira Sharp - Phoenix Contact
  • Precia Carraway - Walmart
  • David Knight - Terbine
  • James Brehm - James Brehm & Associates
  • Steve Brumer - BH-IoT
  • Rob Vanderberry - Thales
  • Brad Satrom - Blues Wireless
  • Vince Bradley - Abundant IoT
  • Chris Farr - Analog XR
  • Rajesh Lele - Independent HR Consultant
  • Joseph F. McElroy - Galileo Tech
  • Rob Tiffany - The Wireless Way
  • Chris Whitaker - Telarus
  • Raj Kapoor - India Blockchain Alliance
  • Dr. Joe Perez - Solontek
  • Johannes Beekman - IoT Marketing
  • Kirsch Mackey - HaSofu
  • James Rupe - CardanoMint
  • Don Jacobson - City of Las Vegas
  • Cole Edmundson - Oracle
  • Emanuel Green - Rapsheets
  • Andres Suazo - Phoenix Contact
  • Tiffani Neilson - Industry Insights Webinars


  • The State of IoT Panel Discussion (Jeff Winter, James Brehm, Tiffani Neilson)
  • IoT 101 (Chris Whitaker)
  • Modern IoT Hardware Training (Kirsch Mackey)
  • How to Build a Data-Driven Strategy (Dr. Joe Perez)
  • Unlocking the Value of Data Keynote (David Knight)
  • Smart Manufacturing Panel Discussion (Jeff Winter, Ira Sharp, Tiffani Neilson)
  • Looking Inward – Protecting the Data that IoT Generates, Now and in a Quantum Future Keynote by (Rob Vanderberry) 
  • Change Management Keynote (Rajesh Lele)
  • Making Money with IoT Keynote (Steve Brumer)
  • Why Marketing IoT Companies is Challenging (Johannes Beekman & Joseph F. McElroy)
  • Phoenix Contact Fireside Chat on IIoT and cybersecurity 
  • eIoT Solutions: Include Red Hot Energy Market and Blockchain as Part of Your IoT Solution (Vince Bradley)
  • Blockchain Things (Raj Kapoor)
  • Understanding the Business of Extended Reality (Chris Farr)
  • Las Vegas Innovation District (Don Jacobson)
  • Speed Up or Die Keynote (Brandon Satrom)
  • Fireside Chat with Precia Carraway of Walmart
  • The Future of IoT (Cole Edmundson, David Knight, Rob Tiffany, Tiffani Neilson.

Contact us if you would like to participate in this live global event and attend the summit to learn more about the Internet of Things, Industry 4.0 and digital transformation.



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