The Wine Pinnacle Awards presented by Genting Singapore will feature a committee of 5 of the world’s leading wine professionals, experts and critics, and is responsible for assembling a 50-member strong jury comprising an international selection of wine professionals and experts. The jury will in turn nominate potential award-winners for all 27 categories of the Awards, the winners being determined by the candidates who received the most nominations amongst the jury per category. Of these categories, the Grand Jury Award will be the only one judged by the committee, who will select one deserving winner out of the winners from the 22 wine categories.

The members of the committee are:

Jeannie Cho Lee, MW

A Hong Kong-based, Korean-American wine critic, author, journalist, consultant and wine educator. Jeannie was the first ever ethnic Asian to achieve the Master of Wine accreditation.

"The Wine Pinnacle Awards is unique in that awards are being given to wines that are mature and drinking beautifully, not only young, recently-released wines. It also removes the limitation of awarding wines that are among a paid pool of submissions. Instead, the Wine Pinnacle Awards focuses on pure quality and merit, encompassing the world of wines without commercial limitations."

Andreas Larsson

Andreas is a Swedish sommelier who was elected World's Best Sommelier in 2007.

“The Wine Pinnacle Awards is a fresh way of letting the world’s best palates agree on what´s really the best of the best without the restrictions of price brackets and medals. The finest wines from around the world, fully ready to drink today.”

Doug Frost, MW & MS

In 1991, Doug passed the rigorous Master Sommelier examination before becoming America’s eighth Master of Wine just two years later. He is the second person in history to complete both exams.

“The Wine Pinnacle Awards are the first awards that take into account the diverse global landscape of wine and, by drawing nominations from an unprecedented breadth of influencers worldwide, we believe that we will best represent the remarkable flowering of wine around the planet.”

Kenichi Ohashi, MW

Having become a Master of Wine in 2015, Kenichi is the third-generation owner of Yamajin Co., Ltd., a liquor distribution company. He is a director of Somersault Co., Ltd., the biggest group of liquor retailers in Japan.

"Rarely have many of the world’s most highly-regarded wines been entered in international wine competitions. How wonderful it is that in Wine Pinnacle Awards, all wines including those very highly-regarded bottles will have the chance to be voted by hundreds of leading wine professionals from around the world based on their previous experiences, and the awarded wines will be announced to wine lovers around the world. It may bring dreams and new excitements to the global wine scene, contributing to a more dynamic wine industry.”

Oz Clarke

Oz is a British wine writer, television presenter and broadcaster.

“To have the world's greatest wine experts nominate their favourites for the Wine Pinnacle Awards is a fantastic thrill. The personal choices of the world's top Masters of Wine and Master Sommeliers will make these awards tingle with excitement.”