Asia Pacific Waste & Environment Alliance (APWEA) was officially formed in 2015 by six waste associations from China, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines and Singapore. The alliance together with the WasteMET Asia platform , serves to boost efforts greater sustainability in the region’s waste management and recycling industry, as well as to promote trade and commerce in Asia. This year, three more waste associations from Australia, New Zealand and South Korea will gather in Guangzhou, China to grow the alliance further and to take the regional waste and recycling sector to greater heights.

ISWA’s vision is an Earth where no waste exists. Waste should be reused and reduced to a minimum, then collected, recycled and treated properly. Residual matter should be disposed of in a safely engineered way, ensuring a clean and healthy environment. All people on earth should have the right to enjoy an environment with clean air, water, seas and soils. To be able to achieve this, we need to work together.

ISWA’s declared mission is:

To Promote and Develop Sustainable and Professional Waste Management Worldwide

ISWA achieves its mission through:

  • Promoting resource efficiency through sustainable production and consumption
  • Support to developing and emerging economies
  • Advancement of waste management through education and training
  • Promoting appropriate and best available technologies and practices
  • Professionalism through its programme on professional qualifications.