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Grand Blue Environment Co., Ltd. was listed in Shanghai Stock Exchange in 2000 (stock abbreviation: Grand Blue Environment; stock code: 600323). The company has been engaged in environment service industry. With scope of services covering solid waste treatment, tap water supply, sewage treatment and gas supply, etc., It’s committed to providing systematic environment service solutions with social responsibility as its core. The company's total assets and total market value are more than 12 billion (RMB), and it is one of the top influential enterprises of domestic solid waste treatment industry.

Guided by the social responsibility philosophy of “good keeper of cities, good model of the industry and good neighbor of communities” and relying on domestic leading environment service ability, it provides cities with systematic solid waste treatment environment services.

Industrial planning and investment: It’s China’s unique enterprise which possesses a complete solid waste treatment industry and is able to offer custom-made systematic environment service solutions for governments according to actual conditions from the perspective of urban holistic environment planning and development and the planning philosophy of “solid waste treatment and environmental protection industrial park”. It popularizes and applies advanced solid waste treatment management concepts to the entire country via such investment models as BOT, BOO, TOT and PPP.

Operation management service: It provides professional, efficient and high quality operation management services and assists partners in improving their operation & management level in terms of solid waste treatment business.

Engineering construction service: It provides engineering construction services based on the model of engineering general contracting (EPC), etc.

Consultation service: It provides consultation services for a single solid waste project or industrial park general planning, investment, construction, operation, technical support, consultation and holistic solutions, etc.

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Founded in 1992, Zoomlion Heavy Industry Science & Technology Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in developing and manufacturing major high-tech equipment in the areas of engineering industry, agricultural industry, and environmental industry. More than 20 years of innovation and development, the company has independent intellectual property rights in 10 major categories and 73 product lines, as well as nearly 1000 leading products, and it grows to be a global enterprise. Engineering machinery and environmental machinery of Zoomlion ranks first in China, agricultural machinery ranks the first three places in China. Zoomlion is China's first construction machinery company to be listed on both the Shenzhen and Hong Kong stock exchanges. At present, the company actively promotes the strategic transformation, to build a set of engineering machinery, agricultural machinery, environmental machinery and financial services more than one of the high-end equipment manufacturing enterprises.

Zoomlion has manufacturing bases around the world. China hosts more than twenty of the company’s large industrial and technological parks, also has the CIFA Industrial Park in Italy, Germany, India,Brazil and Belarus. The company has subsidiaries in more than 40 countries around the world, as well as marketing and research institutes creating value for customers on 6 continents and in more than 80 countries, giving it a complete sales network and strong service system with worldwide coverage. 

In the future, the company plans to use capital as a link to strengthen integration of overseas resources and market investments. It will establish more comprehensive spare parts centers in Europe, South Asia, Southeast Asia, and North America; and establish research centers closer to customers in Europe, South America, South Asia, and East Asia. 

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上海摩丹礼品有限公司.  2006时一群年轻人凭借着热情和执着创建了摩丹礼品。我们明白,我们的客户是我们存在的原因。我们愿意做进一步努力来以确保您跟我们的合作完美,并超越您的期望。挑选和定制促销品可以是一个复杂而艰巨的任务,我们将帮助您在选择长路的每一步。我们的团队了解促销类产品的行业, 掌握众多宣传产品的一线供应生产商,不管您在做什么生意,我们可以帮助您找到完美的促销品和纪念品。我们的目标是帮助您成功的宣传您的商品和企业。只要您联系我们,就可以得到我们的专员为您设计的方案和样品。我们也会给提供给您一些适合的建议,以满足您的最终期望。如果您对我们的成品有不满意的地方,我们的客户服务部门将尽己所能完善它,不留下遗憾。摩丹礼品希望晋升成为您的伙伴,我们将尽一切努力赢得您的信赖。



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