Guangdong Environmental Sanitation Association was established as a business unit in charge of the Guangdong Provincial Housing and Urban Construction Department in 1990, housing the province's environmental health industry professionals, non-profit social organizations, from the environment around the province and in the health sector and sanitation-related management, research, design, education, counselling, job services, facilities construction and operation of enterprises, equipment manufacturing and sales units and associations related with sanitation around the law voluntarily.

The association’s mission is to abide by the constitution, laws, regulations, implementation of government environmental health guidelines and policies; safeguard legitimate rights of members, reflecting members' desire to provide services and information to members; assist government departments to strengthen the industry, strict self-discipline, improve the service quality; foster and standardize the environmental health service market; to strengthen extensive contacts within the industry and environmental sanitation, government departments, and society; promote the healthy development of the province's environmental health.