The South East Asian Association (SEAAIR) for Institutional Research can trace its roots to a meeting held on September 5, 2000 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The meeting was organized by Dr. Raj Sharma, the founder and inaugural president of the Australian Association for International Research, and a group of senior academics from Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia. The group decided to form the Interim Management Committee and organize a conference the following year.

The SEAAIR Forum is the Association's annual conference where South East Asia institutional research practitioners, scholarly researchers, and higher education decision makers meet to share research and learn from each other. The Conference offers SEAAIR members an opportunity to mingle with leaders in the field from all types of institutions. Join us as rising stars and venerated veterans engage in a lively exchange of new ideas, time-proven techniques, and invaluable tricks of the trade.

Underlining the 2017 theme “ASEAN Higher Education at the Crossroad: Challenges, Changes, Capacities and Capabilities”, the multi-theme conference will focus on SEAAIR’s value generation potential and opportunities from the perspective of:

Sub Themes

- Investigating the Revolution of Educational Models, Policies, and Practices: New Magnitudes

- Applying the Innovative Teaching, Learning, Assessment Techniques, and Technologies: New Scales

- Implementing the Rigorous Academic Curricula: New Perspectives

- Enhancing the Institutional Effectiveness and Academic Quality: New Dimensions

- Re-focusing the Student Experience and Engagement: New Enrichments

Conference Highlights

- Keynotes from academic thought leaders in South East Asia

- Opening Ceremony

- Insights from the Parallel Sessions

- Cultural Nights

- Post Conference Tours and many more!