About the Conference Programme

The RadiologyAsia conference programme will span over 2.5 days with 4 concurrent tracks dedicated to providing scientifically oriented content focusing on areas such as: Abdominal, Breast, Chest, Ultrasound and Healthcare IT. Conference topics are chosen based on the needs and relevance to the region and matched with findings from over 150 surveys conducted. RadiologyAsia will feature over 20 focused sessions led by over 100 key opinion leaders.

"Good speakers and excellent time management for the programmes!"
Ying Ying Tok, Radiographer, Singapore General Hospital, Singapore

Programme for Day 1, 11 May 2018

Information above as of 25th January 2018

Programme for Day 2, 12 May 2018

Information above as of 23rd October 2017

Programme for Day 3, 13 May 2018

Information above as of 25th January 2018

Reasonably Priced Conference Pass

One of our aims is to provide highly accessible content, thus we have put great emphasis on our price points, with all our conference passes being subsidised. We also reward attendees who sign up early through the Normal Rate, which is close to 15% cheaper than the onsite rates!


Delegate Entitlements - Certificates of Attendance, full meals and all-day health snacks ...

Providing clarity on what you will receive as a delegate is of utmost importance to us, the table below reflects clearly what you will be provided with, this includes: premium meals, all day snacks, conference track access, and even certificates of attendance.  


Information above as of 2nd August 2017