The Open Theatre consists of a line-up of curated sessions conducted by renowned landscape architects, academia and selected IFLA AAPME Award winners. Gain insights on how to balance biodiversity and cultural heritage in building resilient cities.

All attendees are welcome to attend the complimentary sessions at the Sponsor Showcase Area. Simply register as a trade visitor here.


Open Theatre Workshop
Location: Sponsor Showcase Area
1300 - 1330

Experiencing Sustainability in the Outdoors

Priya Vakil-Choksi, Co-Founder, ThinkPhi

1330 - 1400

Irrigation Redefined - Designing Solutions for a Sustainable Future 

Prof Lam Yeng Ming, School of Materials Science and Engineering, Nanyang Technological University
Founder, FytoSol Pte Ltd

1400 - 1430

Options for Green Rooftops and Terraces: Natural v. Synthetic: A Critical Review

Frank Jellinek, International Market Development, Roofingreen Srl


Our Conversation: Landscape Architects Accreditation in Singapore

In 2015, the Landscape Architects Accreditation Programme was set up to distinguish competent landscape architects, who ensure best practices in areas such as landscape planning, conservation, design and implementation.

The programme provides practical evaluation criteria and accredits individual Landscape Architect with the relevant skill and knowledge, to contribute to the creation of liveable and sustainable environment.

Since the launch of the programme and the Landscape Architects Accreditation Programme Examination held in 2015 and 2016, there are more than 120 accredited landscape architects listed in the Landscape Architects Accreditation Directory (LAAD). The Accredited Landscape Architects are to comply with the Continuous Professional Development (CPD) requirements yearly, to maintain their accreditation status.

The panel of invited speakers has a diverse background and will share their experiences and thoughts on the ‘journey of a Landscape Architect’ from the education stage to the working stage. The sharing will discuss the various roles of Landscape Architects, and provide tips on overcoming the possible challenges.

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Open Theatre Workshop
Location: Sponsor Showcase Area
1500 - 1520

Introduction to Landscape Accreditation in Singapore

Fumiko Sano, Chairperson, Singapore Institute of Landscape Architects Accreditation Sub-committee
1520 - 1540

Master of Landscape Architecture Programme and Graduate

Prof. Tan Puay Yok, National University of Singapore
1540 - 1600

Training Experience from University to Accreditation

Kwan Yu Wen, Tierra Design
1600 - 1620

 Professional Practice and Continuous Professional Development 

Leonard Ng, Ramboll Studio Dreiseitl
1620 - 1650

Panel Discussion

1650 - 1730 


IFLA Singapore- Culture Nature Journey Knowledge Cafes

A central issue in the dialogue about the urban future is the integration of culture and nature. This culture/nature focus follows on the 2016 Nature Culture Journey at the IUCN World Congress (Hawaii, 2016) and the Culture Nature Journey at the ICOMOS General Assembly (Delhi, 2017) which were full symposia. These Knowledge Cafés provide a platform for dialogue about some of these widespread challenging issues and opportunities for Landscape Architects to learn from each other contributing to long lasting and resilient solutions.

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Open Theatre Workshop
Location: Sponsor Showcase Area
0900 - 0955

     Intersection of BioDiversity and Cultural Diversity in Cities making the Case for Public Spaces

  • Moderators: Patricia O’Donnell (President), Nupur Prothi Khanna
  • Description: This session begins with a highlighted presentation of the current urban issues and hopeful directions for people, nature and our shared public space heritage. For the “Commons” of urban public spaces these issues and directions include: the social aspects of open access to quality public space inclusivity, social justice, better health for all species;  the environmental  aspects of climate change adaptation, urban habitat enrichment; trees for cities, air quality and urban heat island quelling; the economic aspects of positive employment, increased resilience to disasters, provision of ecological services, uplift neighborhoods; improve public health and increase land values. The three pillars of Sustainability- Society/Environment/Economy will be employed as topical foci to curate the dialogue.
1000 - 1055

Relevant to Landscape Architects- Indigenous Cultural Respect for and Learning from Nature

  • Moderators: Diane Menzies (Ngati Kahungunu) and guest
  • Description: Intertwined culture/nature beliefs, practices and traditions are integral to many indigenous cultures. This session will begin with an introduction to those beliefs and practices from the moderators’ perspectives. An introduction to living with a reverence for nature, integration of nature into daily life, traditions of seasonal recognition of natural cycles, spiritual connections to place and an indigenous mindset toward resource consumption and replenishment will serve as a foundation for a shared dialogue. The curated discussion will revolve around applying these ideas to the roles of landscape architects as planning and design professionals and advocates for a vital, thriving planet.
1100 - 1155

     Urban Landscape Heritage & The Roles of Landscape Architects

  • Moderators: Patricia O’Donnell, Nupur Prothi Khanna and guest
  • Description: In 2011 the UN passed an international soft law, the UNESCO Recommendation of the Historic Urban Landscape (HUL). For the first time, the HUL document envisions cultural heritage and development as compatible and effective. Uniqueness and sense of place is embodied in the cultural assets of Culture/Nature-shaped cities. This individual city identity, based on history and place as evolved, increases social cohesion and economic strength for residents and visitors. Within a construct of good governance, HL recognizes four tool groups: Community Engagement; Knowledge and Planning; Regulatory Systems; and Finance. In this session the moderator will present these four tool groups and explore the opportunities for Landscape Architects in each tool group. 

1200 - 1255

     Resilient Cities Embrace Biodiverse, Culturally Diverse and Inclusive Place and Populace

  • Moderators: Amit Prothi, Associate Director, City Resilience Delivery, Singapore, 100 Resilient Cities (100 RC) and guest
  • Description: To launch this shared dialogue the 100 RC constructs of urban resilience as framed by the four dimensions of Health & Wellbeing; Economy & Society; Infrastructure & Environment; and Leadership & Strategy will be summarized highlighting the roles of Landscape Architects in bringing greater resilience to cities. Highlighting the Infrastructure & Environment vector the human-shaped and natural systems will provide focus that is highly relevant to the LA profession. Examples of 100 RC actions to enhance resilience within the environments and infrastructure area will open issues and positive directions being taken by cities already. The shared dialogue will be guided by the 100RC frameworks that fully recognize and launch actions from the platforms of cities facing a growing range of adversities and challenges in the 21st century, from the effects of climate change to growing migrant populations to inadequate infrastructure to pandemics to cyber-attacks. Resilience is what helps cities adapt and transform in the face of these challenges, helping them to prepare for both the expected and the unexpected. This guided dialogue will explore the roles of Landscape Architects in upgrading urban resilience.

IFLA Asia Pacific-Yuan Ye Designers’ Forum & Dialogue - cross border, integrate & develop

This dialogue and project presentations bring together selected winners of AAPME Award to talk about their winning projects in Asia. Get insights from Singapore landscape architects on how biophilia design are applied in resilience building; learn from award winning China landscape architects on how Chinese art and traditions are infused into the craftsmanship of landscape architecture; and few other winning projects from the region that would impress you with the rigorous design and inspiring engagement process that speaks volume for the excellent works. This session is also created for designers and buyers of design to network and discuss business opportunities in China and across regions where the economics and business exchanges would add values to these design dialogues. The Designers’ Dialogue will further witness the signing of MOU between IFLA Asia Pacific Region and Asian Landscape Architecture Society to forge a close partnership and future collaboration between both organizations.

This session is hosted by IFLA Asia Pacific Region President, Mr Damian Tang.

Organised by:

Asian Landscape Architecture Society, IFLA Asia-Pacific (International Federation Of Landscape Architects, Yuan Ye Award International Competition Organizing Committee

1400 - 1405

Opening address

Damian Tang, President, IFLA Asia Pacific Region
1405 - 1410

Guest Speech

Osman Mohd Tahir, Vice Chairman of Asian Landscape Architecture Society
1410 – 1425

Zhengzhou Garden Expo-Hui Garden

Yu Jinlong, President of Triones Landscape Design Institute Co,.Ltd
1425 – 1440

Redevelopment of Admiralty Park

Ten S.K, Partner of Ortus Design Pte Ltd
1440 – 1455 

The practice and development trend of Longfor Real Estate Landscape

Zheng Yunqing, Landscape Director of Longfor Properties Co,.Ltd
1455 – 1510

Yishun Nature Park

Peter Bridgewater, ONG&ONG Pte Ltd
1510 – 1525

Research on the Design of Cross-border Integration of Scenic Spots Based on Regional Culture

Tan Xiangong, Professor of Hunan Agricultural University
1525 – 1540

Learning Forest or Kranji Marshes

Stephen Caffyn, Director of Stephen Caffyn Landscape Design
1540 – 1555

Landscape Design and Construction of "Qingxiyuan·Suigongdao" in Dujiangyan, "World Cultural Heritage Site"

Lin Xikui, Vice President of Sichuan Garden Chamber of Commerce
1555 – 1625 

Panel Discussion - Cross-Border, Integration, Development

Host & moderated by: Mr Damian Tang, IFLA Asia Pacific President

Discussion Guests: Carey Duncan, IFLA Africa President; Mohammad Motellebi, IFLA Middle East President;

Peter Bridgewater, ONG&ONG Pte Ltd and Stephen Caffyn, Director of Stephen Caffyn Landscape Design

1625 – 1635


APR Presidential Roundtable Meeting and Yuan Ye Summit Partnership
1635 – 1700 Networking