About GEVME Xchange 2017

In 2016, the inaugural GEVME Xchange gave you the latest insights on event management activities and strategies. This year, we want to go further and reach deep into the future of tech-driven event reality. By maintaining a focus on the emerging technology, GEVME Xchange 2017 will expose you to invigorating debates and discussions on the enhanced functionalities of GEVME, as well as the new experiences that we may encounter in the future of event management. Here is what you can expect to learn at the conference:

  • The benefits of advanced omni-channel tools in event management
  • How sustainability practices can help maintain long-term prosperity in event industry
  • The resonating power of SMART tools
  • How to leverage event digitalization
  • Collaborative opportunities for industry professionals
The target sectors for GEVME Xchange 2017 are government, enterprises, and new accounts. The attendee profile focus will embrace event organizers, directors, hospitality experts, sales & marketing specialists, and C-Level executives.

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