1) Connecting you to the Right Audience by: setting realistic targets, a highly subsidised conference, and personalised business matching

1. We understand the Southeast Asian, Australian and New Zealand markets, and we set realistic targets:
a. There are a total of 10,792 medical aesthetic professionals in SEA and ANZ.
b. We are targeting to draw less than 10% of the respective populations.


2. We attract regional delegates through:
a. A neutral and relevant conference, where programme topics are selected based on relevance and the needs of the region, developed through extensive surveys and research. Speakers are hosted by us to ensure that we stay neutral. 
b. We feature visionary speakers comprising of published researchers and authors ...


3. Connecting you to manufacturers and distributors - Thinking of entering a market? We can help with facilitated or serendipitous meetings, of in country / regional distributors. For most of our events over 70% of exhibiting companies are direct manufacturers, 20% were regional distributors and 10% were national distributors.

“I am extremely pleased with the allocation of my booth. There was good flow of human traffic in the exhibitor's hall!
- Noelle Ng, Key Accounts Manager, Sirtex; an attendee of the SingEx Healthcare series of events

2) Extensive marketing campaign, established regional networks, and competitive pricing strategy designed to tap into S.E.A & ANZ market

1. Targeting attendees from established and high growth markets: such as Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam. 


2. Pricing Strategy - Delegate pricing strategy is extremely competitive. We studied 35 international, regional and national shows to derive our pricing model, starting from SGD 110.
3. Pre-event Marketing
a. Strong existing networks with global and regional associations that we can tap on, developed through our healthcare shows.
b. A team of dedicated healthcare telemarketers who are experienced at calling medical professionals across SEA and ANZ. We are currently connected to 2,700 general practitioners in Singapore and Malaysia alone. This is only made possible due to economies of scale.
c. We have a proven EDM campaign strategy with over ~10 EDMs scheduled over a 10 months period to our database of key decision makers & influencers.
“Well done! I would most probably attend again!” 
- Han Guan Hoe, National University of Malaysia PPUKM, Malaysia; an attendee of the SingEx Healthcare series of events

3) Bringing you new buyers and distributors by  curating conference content with invited exhibitor profile 

1. Creating new pipelines through education - Through the conference and the experiential exhibition area, attendees will be exposed to solutions and services that may improve efficiency or generate new revenue streams, leading to new pipelines for participating companies.


2. Relatable content - Exhibitors’ showcased products bring “life” to lectures taught during the conference, to exemplify the product’s functionality in a real life situation for delegates to understand and appreciate.
“The congress and the exhibition hall are next to each other which makes it convenient ... A great platform for us to share our latest technology with the participants. With such exposure, we will be glad to join ..."
- Donny Lim, Sales Executive, Toshiba Medical 

4) Low cost for lead acquisition with proven historicals 

1. How do we do this? Through even crowd control resulting in no dead zones - The floorplan has been designed to encourage delegate's interaction with the exhibitors, as the exhibition hall becomes the sole pathway to the conferences and most amenities. Networking area and F&B location have been strategically placed to retain and evenly regulate the delegates movement throughout the exhibition hall


2. This results in a Cost Per Lead (CPL) of $6 - Supported by the no dead zone layout this results in a CPL of $6 based on a 9sqm and calculated through attending numbers and exhibition cost.
“Overall, good planning. Venue was well-chosen ... Excellent arrangements
- Pratik Mukherjee, Associate Consultant, Alexandra Health, Singapore; an attendee of the SingEx Healthcare series of events