BOLD Bootcamp

Fri, 25 May, 2018, 5:00 PM - 6:00 PM (GMT+8)
Singapore Book Fair 2018 30 Victoria Street, 187996 (CHIJMES Lawn)

This event is cancelled.

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Singapore Book Fair 2018
Workshop: BOLD Bootcamp

Date:25th May 2018 (Fri)
Time:5pm - 6pm
Venue:CHIJMES Lawn
Address:30 Victoria Street, 187996 
Registation Fee:$15/pax
​Language: English

Session 1: movement-based/stretch class (30min)
Attendees get to learn how to exercises and get flexible, fit and strong through movement based exercises and also simple stretching exercises that will help them relieve common pain or stiffness.
∙         $15 per person for one session/$20 per couple/buddy
∙         $25 per person for both sessions / $30 per couple/buddy

Session 2: HIIT bootcamp (30min)
- Attendees will get to burn lots of calories here doing a set of exercises in succession, time-based, 2-3 rounds. Fast paced, intense and highly effective!
∙         $15 per person for one session/$20 per couple/buddy
∙         $25 per person for both sessions / $30 per couple/buddy

∙ All 2 sessions will be conducted back-to-back
∙ 2 instructors for each session.
∙ Each session conducted separately

BOLD Fitness SG
A unique fitness club that provides an environment for customised fitness training and lifestyle in a club-type setting to improve client interactions and satisfaction.
- Only gym to carry legend brand whole range of equipment.
- Premium gym to house freelance trainers which provides wide variety of expertise and experience.
- Cafe in the gym providing protein smoothies to supplement workouts.
- Ideal location in the city.

Trainers Bio :
Filza Dora Sim
Personal trainer for 9 years with plenty of experience which includes body transformations and bodybuilding competition preparation.
National Bodybuilding n Physique competition 2015 - 1st
Shawn Rhoden Classics 2016 - 2nd

Edwin Aw
Personal Trainer for 10 years, experience in body transformations and various form of sports related training.
Nabba Muscle Wars 2016 – Sports Model - 1st
Nabba Mortal Battle 2017 – Sports Model - 2nd

BOLD Bootcamp

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This event is over. For more information, please contact the organiser