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Fri, Oct 31, 2014 9:00 AM (GMT+8)

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About the Event

Powering the Future of Events is the first-ever crowdsourcing event organised by and for Event Professionals {Tweet this}.  Promising to be a day of thought-provoking case studies as well as best-practices sharing by industry veterans, it also aims to resolve current event painpoints left unsolved by today's technology by crowdsourcing through event participants. 

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Time Description
 9.00 – 9.20
 Registration of Guests and Breakfast
 9.20 – 9.40  
 Opening Speech by Guest of Honour
 Speaker: Veemal Gungadin, CEO, GEVME
 9.40 – 10.30
 Keynote 1: UX is the key towards Event Registration
 Speaker: Jonathan Easton, Creative Director, GSI
 10.30 – 11.30  
 Keynote 2: The New Digital Engagement
 Speaker: Eugene Yang, Head of Digital, GSI Digital
 11.30 – 12.45
 12.45 – 4.15
 Track 1: B2B Events – Best Practices (Room 401)
 Technology as the Experience Enabler
 Speaker: Lionel Chan, Technical Lead, GSI Digital
 Using Forms to create a Data Mine
 Speaker: Thuyain, Director, Judgify
 Email is still the key Conversion Leader
 Speaker: Jasmine Lin, Email Ninja, GSI Digital
 12.45 – 4.30

 Track 2: B2C Events – Best Practices (Room 402)
 Email Signature to Drive Event Awareness
 Speaker: Aung Sithu, CEO, SigBuzz
 Sporting Events – What works and not work
 Speaker: Linn Htun, CEO, Sports for Life
 Best Practices in Event Project Management
 Speaker: Myat Aung Kyaw, Project Lead, GlobalSign.in
 Insights into Social Media Best Practices
 Speaker: Daniel Tjan, Director, GEVME

 4.30 – 5.00

 Networking and Lucky Draw

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Keynote 1: UX is the key towards Event Registration

User Experience has been redefined with the proliferation of mobile devices. Join Jonathan as he shares in his keynote on what is User Experience and how UX can help to increase event registration by pre-mapping the online user journey. {Tweet this}

Keynote 2: The New Digital Engagement

YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin. These are just some social media channels that billions of people are now using to engage online. So how has Digital Engagement changed and what should Event professionals take note of? Join Eugene as he shares on the new digital engagement. {Tweet this}

Technology as the Experience Enabler

Technology can help drive productivity and result in manpower savings for lots of tasks, ranging from data collection and collation to automated lead generation. Join Lionel as he explains how event data management technology can help event professionals automate their daily tasks {Tweet this}

Using Forms to create a Data Mine

Long forms can often put off a potential attendee during the regisration process. Forms with dependency fields can help to eliminate this pain point based on a need-to-know concept based on the attendee profile. Join Thuyain as he explains how this can be done. {Tweet this}

Email is still the key Conversion Leader

Email is still one of the first tools that Event professionals turn to when starting on their first event communications. Targeting databases accumulated over the years are often the case but what more can be done? Join Jasmine as she share's how best to optimise each email to increase conversion rates. {Tweet this} 

Email Signature to Drive Event Awareness

Email signature is probably the most underused tool to promote the awareness of an event. Yet, in terms of ROI, it probably can generate the highest return based on the low-cost and high exposure rate involved. Join Sithu as he shares the best practices of using Email Signature as a Marketing tool. {Tweet this}

Sporting Events – What works and not work

Interest in sporting events is at an all time high, with the number of runs alone doubling over the past couple of years. But what makes or breaks a successful sporting event? Join Linn as he shares what event participants look for in a sporting event.  {Tweet this}

Best Practices in Event Project Management

Project Management in the Events industry is probably one of the toughest role in the Entire events set-up. It is also probably the most unglamourous yet most important role. So what makes a good Event Project Manager? Join Myat as he shares what are the best practices to adopt in Event Project Management. {Tweet this}

Insights into Social Media Best Practices

With the social communities booming to become bigger than any one country in the world, the need for a social media presence for Events has led many Event Marketers to scramble and find out what will work for their events. Join Daniel as he shares what are the pitfalls to avoid in Social Media Management for Events. {Tweet this}

Networking and Lucky Draw

Join us at the Room 401 as great prizes such as iPad Air and Samsung Note 3 awaits the lucky draw winners. There are more than 20 prizes awaiting you so join us as we announce the winners at 4.30pm. 

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Veemal Gungadin
 Veemal Gungadin is the Chief Executive Officer of GEVME. Having been in the Event Software industry for more than 6 years and with vast experience supporting world class events such as  Singapore International Water Week (SIWW), Singapore International Energy Week (SIEW) and Forbes Global CEO Conference, Veemal is more than qualified to share his thoughts on the events i industry in Asia. 

Jonathan has led GSI in many creative execution for their key projects, ranging from Earth Hour, Singapore International Water Week, SingTel Cable Map and many more. With a first-class honours from Curtin University, Jonathan has been focusing on optimising the User Experience on Mobile devices to further enhance the online user journey. {Tweet this}

 Eugene is the Head of Digital at GSI, with almost 10 years of experience in the Digital Arena. Having managed many projects ranging from Monetary Authority of Singapore to Earth Hour, Eugene  has great experience in back-end architecture and creating user journeys both front-end and back-end. {Tweet this}

Lionel Chan 
 Lionel lives and breathes technology almost his whole life, and loves to code beyond the norm to create the next best thing in Events Technology. Building award winning mobile applications, he    is now focused on linking events data from multiple streams to form a meaningful view to the Event Marketer. {Tweet this}

 Thuyain has been dealing with event registration forms for the past 6 years and understand very the methodology and complex mechanism behind each and every event registration. He has  fronted high-profile events ranging from National Day Rally, National Day Investiture to Singapore International Energy Week. His next pet project is to automate the judging registration process  through a self-help portal called Judgify. {Tweet this}

 Jasmine has been fronting creative email campaigns for the past 4 years and is now a mentor to many of her colleagues in creating the next best email campaign. She has introduced many  creative email campaigns that helped increase the engagement and conversion of the email audience, including Pinterest style email designs that has produced a spike in interest for one of the  events. Thus, aptly, her colleagues named her "Email Ninja". {Tweet this}

 Sithu is the business driver behind one of the leading Email Signature Marketing provider, SigBuzz, which has grown into a SaaS service supporting users in more than 70 countries around the  world. Sithu now heads a dual portfolio of enhancing the SigBuzz product while working on the mobile experience for his users.  {Tweet this}

Linn Htun
 Linn Htun is a sports enthusiast, having participated in numerous runs, soccer tournaments and the list goes on. Being an avid sports participant and now armed with a variety of choices in terms  of sporting events to partcipate in, Linn will share his thoughts on the thought process behind a sporting event participant. {Tweet this}

  Myat has been a dedicated project manager for GlobalSign.in, and have managed numerous large-scale Enterprise events, supporting in terms of pre-event software development, website and  registration to on-site mobile check-in experience to ensure an optimal event attendee experience. {Tweet this}

 Daniel is a born entrepreneur, having started his own IT business even before graduation. Having sold his business for a handsome profit, he is now into the latest events data management  technology, while at the same time, honing his skills and passion towards social media. {Tweet this}

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Partners & Sponsors

GEVME  Judgify  GSI Digital  SigBuzz  GlobalSign.in

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  1. GlobalSign.in wins Marketing Event Award for Best Online Driver
  2. SigBuzz Email Signature Tool Extends Reach to 70th Country

Media Contact: To contact our Event Spokesperson, email us with your request. 

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Powering the future of Events

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