Promotional Code

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To create a promotional code:
  1. Click on Promotional Codes on the left-hand navigation:

  2. On the Promotional Codes screen, click on "+ New".

  3. Once you create a promotional code, you will be presented with this screen:

    • Code Type: Access / Discount
      Access codes are used to reveal hidden tickets when activated.
      Discount codes are used to apply discounts to specific tickets when activated.

    • Code: You can create your own passcode or have the system generate a code for you.
      Passcode to access hidden tickets or discounted items.
    • Discount Amount
      Type of discounts
      • Percentage
      • Exact Amount
      • Price Overwrite
    • Applies If
      Enable the criteria function so the discount will only work if the criteria is met.
    • Applies To
      Select which tickets will receive this discount.
    • Description
      Internal use to describe the discount code.
    • Number of Uses
      Specify if the promotional code has unlimited or limited uses.
    • Start / End
      Determine the Start End date of the promotional code.
    • Direct link with Promotional Code
      This is a direct link to your event page, with the promotional code already activated.
Discount Type

Ticket with specific discounts.

  1. Select Discount under Code Type.

  2.  Code: Key in your desired code or generate a code from the system.

    You can create multiple promotion codes as well. Key in your desired codes (one by one), and separated them by commas / lines, or simply generate the codes from the system. You can have up to 3,000 codes.