Sending an Invitation Email to Your Invitees

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There are 2 ways to send emails in GEVME:

  1. Through Campaigns.
  2. Through the Composer.

As such, you can send an invitation email to your invitees through these 2 methods.

The Default Invitation Template

GEVME provides you with a default Invitation template, which you can then customize.

To view and edit the Invitation template:

  1. Click on Templates (under Emails) in the left hand navigation.

  2. Under the Templates screen, click on the Invitation template:

  3. This will open the Invitation template in edit mode:

  4. Edit the template and save it.

    Note: For more information on how to edit the template, see the article Using the Email Builder.
Sending an Invitation Email Through Campaigns

To send an invitation email through Campaigns, follow these steps:

  1. Read the Creating a Campaign article on how to create a campaign.
  2. Read the Setting Up Your Campaign article on how to setup your campaign.
  3. In the Use a template step in the Setting Up Your Campaign article, select the Invitation template then click on the Apply button:

  4. This will load the Invitation template.
  5. In the step where you choose the list to which to send to in the Setting Up Your Campaign article, select an invitee list by clicking on Add lists:

  6. In the dropdown which appears, select Invitees in the Choose a list type dropdown, then select your invitee list(s):

  7. Finally, to send your campaign, see the article Sending/Scheduling Your Campaign.
Sending an Invitation Email Through the Composer

To send an invitation email through the Composer, follow these steps:

  1. Read the article Sending Email Through the Composer.
  2. Go to the Invitees grid, select the invitees to whom you want to send the invitation email (or load a list if you have created one).
  3. Click on the Mail button in the grid toolbar:

  4. In the Composer window which appears, select the Invitation template under the Use a tempalte dropdown:

  5. Edit the content of the template as required, then click on the green Send button to send the email.