Email Marketing in GEVME

GEVME has an integrated email marketing and reporting module through which you can send emails to your invitees and attendees.

Emails sent from GEVME can be roughly categorised under:

  1. User emails
    User emails are emails sent by you, the backend user. There are 2 ways in which user emails can be sent:
    1. Through Campaigns
    2. Through the Composer
  2. System emails
    Systems emails are automated emails which are sent by GEVME under certain conditions. Broadly speaking, there are two types of system emails which are sent by GEVME:
    1. Registration emails
      These are the emails sent to the participants during the registration process.
    2. Workflow notification emails
      These are emails that collaborators receive when they are collaborating on an event.

The following set of articles will go through all the different types of emails in detail, and much more.