Leads Scan App

Showcase App

Cost-efficient solution for your exhibitors to showcase products and services to attendees digitally and capture attendees’ interest.

Showcase App

Get rid of expensive print marketing collateral at the trade shows

Showcase designed for event organisers, exhibitors and attendees according to the modern business needs to go paperless. Our solution provides exhibitors with a cost-efficient tool to present their products and services in the most suitable for attendees way – digitally. Additionally, the Digital Showcase is an email capture app to register every single interest automatically

Showcase Features

Beautiful event email templates | GEVME event marketing platform


Get sustainable with paperless trade shows. Encourage exhibitors to save money and time, going paperless
SMART remarketing | GEVME email marketing platform

Content promotion

Enable exhibitors to create a fully-customised content page on the mobile exhibitor portal and promote it by unique QR code.
Event email marketing automation
Personalize and automate your event email marketing | GEVME


Empower your exhibitors to, upload their branded content: digital brochures, booklets, other marketing collateral
Measure your event email campaign success | GEVME

Lead generation

Let exhibitors have an additional stream of leads by capturing all QR code scannings in the trade show booth

How the Showcase App Works

An exhibitor customises and brands own page dedicated to his products and services. To provide access to the exhibitor’s page, he/she generates unique QR code and places it in the event booth.
Whenever an attendee scans the unique QR code, it gets registered in the system.

Upload and brand the content, you want to showcase.
Place unique QR code at the booth.
Let attendees scan QR code and access your content.
Collect and follow up with attendees who scanned your content.