Promotion And Tracking

Online Event Promotion Software
Promote your event on the basis of a single event platform.

Extend your reach and promote an event by utilising the most comprehensive event promotion marketing platform with innovative web-based tools.

Drive more ticket sales for your event
Discounts and Promo Codes

Drive ticket sales for your event by means of event promo and discount codes. When promoting your event, don’t forget to provide online promotional codes, discounts, and group registration deals to boost event marketing ROI.

Create a memorable first impression.
Perfect event website

Build a wonderful and reliable website with the GEVME event website builder. Generate unique digital content that will impress your attendees. No coding or design skills are required.

Drive event registrations with smart email campaigns.
Email marketing tools

Reach the right people with the right messages with the help of our smart email campaigns. Benefit from our extensive selection of event email templates and secure more registrations!

Extend your event reach with customised translations.
Customised Language Translations

Choose a customised and personalised translation when preparing for large-scale multilingual events, allowing you to reach every single participant with the right message in their native tongue!

Drive more sales and increase your conversion rate.
Embeddable Ticket Widget

Choose and embed our time-tested ticket widget to your website with just a few clicks and drive ticket sales, parking passes, merchandise purchases, and so much more.

Keep attendees up to date with your events.

List your events on event microsites or create your own event calendar to keep attendees updated and aware of all your events. Display your upcoming events, conferences, or team meetings and get more out of your event calendar.

Stay at the top of Google Search
Event search on Google

Run events on GEVME, and make it easy for users to discover and attend your event with top Google Search results and other Google products, like Google Maps. Our product codes are designed so that your event immediately appears in the event search experience on Google.

Engage your event attendees with lucky draw games
Lucky Draw App

Increase event brand loyalty, entertain your attendees, promote event sponsors, drive registrations to your next event through lucky draw targeted games. Build a strong relationship with your attendees.

Track your marketing performance.

Install GA and GTM codes on your event website, analyse your attendees' behaviour, measure event marketing performance and ROI, run and optimise marketing campaigns to gain more registrations and engagement.