“Enhancing the overall event experience for
more than 60,000 attendees”


About the event: 

SFF x SWITCH was a first-of-its-kind collaboration between Singapore FinTech Festival (SFF) and the Singapore Week of Innovation and Technology (SWITCH), consisting of a week of events and featuring various sideline activities centred around innovation in FinTech and deep technology. 

SFF x SWITCH featured various innovative technologies across five key sectors – FinTech, Urban Solutions and Sustainability, Health and Biomedical Sciences, Advanced Manufacturing and Engineering, and Digital Services – to prime business transformation. This integration served as an inspirational cross-industry platform for greater exchange and learning, deepening of technology capabilities, synergistic application of resources, and partnership development for commercialisation.

The inaugural event attracted more than 60,000 participants from 140 countries. The event also saw a record 569 speakers, close to 1,000 exhibitors and 41 international pavilions.

About the key organiser: 

The SingEx Group comprises four closely linked companies that collectively provide a comprehensive range of integrated solutions for venue management and consultancy, exhibition and conference concept development and organising services; and international trade event related ventures. The companies under the group are subsidiaries of SingEx Holdings which is wholly owned by Temasek Holdings, one of Singapore’s largest investment holding companies. 

Its events arm, SingEx Exhibitions, owns, develops and manages a series of new-to-market trade exhibitions and conferences in Singapore and key emerging markets. The events span across various industries including urban solutions, logistics, information technology, healthcare and commodities. 

Among the more than 20 new-to-market events produced are the Industrial Transformation ASIA-PACIFIC 2019 – A HANNOVER MESSE event, the Asian leg of the world’s leading trade show for industrial technology, Singapore FinTech Festival, the world’s largest of its kind; and CaREhab, a unique medical event that goes beyond the boundaries of just a medical consumables and equipment show to unite professionals in neurorehabilitation, geriatrics, paediatric rehabilitation, pain management, community rehabilitation, sports therapy, ground-breaking technology, home care and more. 

SingEx Venues specialises in the management of Meetings, Incentives, Conventions and Exhibitions (MICE) facilities and has been managing the Singapore EXPO Convention and Exhibition Centre since 1999, and its convention wing, MAX Atria, since 2012. The venues host more than 600 events and attract over six million visitors annually.


The GSI team together with our client the SingEx Group was working on meeting the following goals:

  • Provide flawless online and onsite solutions for a prominent large-scale event,
  • Track and analyse attendees during the event to improve the attendee experience
  • Empower exhibitors to maximise event ROI and generate more leads


    • Seamless Registration. 

Our team set up an improved onsite solution for SFFxSWITCH 2019 to provide seamless registration for attendees. 

With the help of our new products we: 

      • managed onsite operations for a multi-day event more efficiently,
      • enhanced the attendees’ experience,
      • gathered useful insights from physical experience for future events.
    • Frictionless Check-in

To speed up the check-in process and make it smooth, we came up with an optimised onsite deployment plan. We set up more than 130 fully automated check-in kiosks, as well as assisted self check-ins, which resulted in a frictionless check-in process and reduced the waiting time for the attendees. The approach proved itself to be an efficient onsite check-in process for a large-scale event. 

    • Real-time Dashboard

Helping organisers to keep track of onsite registration status at a large-scale event, we provided an onsite reporting & analytics tool to capture important event insights. The real-time dashboard displayed a visualised representation of delegate and attendee data.

    • Lead Generation apps for Exhibitors

At the SFFxSWITCH 2019 event, we launched a suite of new lead generation apps for exhibitors to empower them to drive exhibition ROI. More than 165 exhibitors experienced our two-way business lead generation solutions: Leads Scan App and Showcase App. The apps helped to maximise event results by scanning visitors at the booths and capturing the details of visitors who scanned digital brochures.

  • Doing away with paper brochures

Moving towards sustainability with the SFFxSWITCH organisers, we encouraged exhibitors to use our eco-friendly solution – Showcase App. On top of being a lead generation tool, this app eliminates the need for printed brochures and displays rich content directly to the attendee’s mobile phone screen.

This app helped attendees to see what environmental
difference they make once they scanned digital brochures

“It was a pleasure working with the GlobalSign.in team for the fourth consecutive year. Thanks to their constant support, we’ve been able to manage 60,000 attendee registrations over the span of three days smoothly. We had the opportunity to be an early adopter of their new suite of solutions to enhance the overall attendee experience. Our commitment to sustainability through the use of MYXP – a digital content curation platform is evident at the event.”

Tim Wee

Deputy Director, Technology Operations, Digital and Technology Office, SingEx Holdings


  • 60 000 attendees
  • 140 countries from around the world
  • 130+ check-in kiosks
  • 8 seconds per check-in
  • 45% of the attendees checked in on Day 1. 
  • 165+ exhibitors maximised event ROI through using our lead generation apps

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Cashless Token System for National Day Heartlands Celebration 2019

Cashless Token System for National Day Heartlands Celebration 2019

Cashless Token System for National Day Heartlands Celebration 2019


The National Day Heartlands Celebration 2019 is a one day carnival organised at five heartlands across Singapore on Saturday, 10 August 2019. Singaporeans from all walks of life came together to enjoy family craft activities, interactive game booths, food stalls, exhibitions, and stage performances in these heartland celebrations.

Visitors to the carnival can purchase coupons to redeem food or participate in certain activities. These coupons can be purchased from ticketing counters located at different corners of the carnival. As part of the smart nation initiative, the Bishan Community Centre approached us to digitalise the entire process of coupon purchase and redemption for the celebration @ central.


Online purchase for coupons

In the past, the only channel for the purchase of coupon was from the ticketing counter on site. For an event which expects 40,000 attendance, the counters are often overwhelmed with queues that dissuade visitors from making a purchase. Therefore, the organiser looks for a solution which will allow visitors to help themselves with the purchase of coupons by going online.

Walk-in purchase of coupons

While we encourage the online purchase of coupons, we also recognise the preference of some visitors to make payment in cash. So, besides having an option to purchase online, the organiser also wants to provide an avenue to allow visitors to walk in, queue and make payment for the eCoupons in cash.

Encouraging engagement to educational booths

Food, drinks and certain activities booths such as pony ride and drones are popular in nature. However, there are booths in the carnival which are educational in nature and they typically suffer in getting traffic. In order to encourage visitors to interact with this booth, the organiser wants to have a lucky draw campaign which visitors will be eligible to participate after collecting 8 stamps from the participating booths.


After evaluating the requirements from the organising committee, the GSI’s product team formulated a solution by making full use of our existing platform. The solution consists of 4 applications which are seamlessly integrated together through our GEVME platform to create a positive experience for all users.


An abbreviation for my experience, myXP is a web application which visitors can access on their mobile phone. Using the application, visitors can purchase, top-up and check the balance of eCoupons. Visitors can also check the number of stamps they have collected from different booths and be prompted when they are eligible for the carnival’s lucky draw.

Figure 1.1Landing page of the visitor’s myXP App.


Figure 1.2myXP App’s homepage showing the visitor’s unique QR code.


Figure 1.3eCoupon balance and top-up screen within the myXP app.


Figure 1.4Engagement screen showing the visited booths and the progress towards winning the prize.


eCoupon Point of Sales

In order to support cash payments, we also provided the organiser with a point of sales (POS) system. The volunteers who are manning the ticketing booths used the POS to collect and record cash payments for visitors. Visitors who visit the ticketing booth their eCoupons receive SMS containing a direct link to their myXP application.

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Leveraging on GEVME for Event Management

Leveraging on GEVME for Event Management

Leveraging on GEVME for Event Management

GEVME was successfully implemented into IE Singapore business processes to manage all of the events they organise and promote throughout the year.


International Enterprise (IE) Singapore is the government agency driving Singapore’s external economy. They have a global network of overseas centres in over 35 locations providing the necessary connections in many developed and emerging markets. They organise and promote about 350+ events in a year. These events include seminars and conferences with attendee numbers ranging from 30 – 400 as well as internal training workshops that they conduct for staff.


IE required the platform to be integrated seamlessly into their business processes and legacy systems in place.

  • Standardise the branding and event template of all events.
  • Integration with legacy system to auto populate certain events.
  • Integration with financial system and eNets to compile online transactions automatically.
  • Event managers located globally required training in overseas centres.
  • GEVME required to comply with Singapore’s stringent security standards before launch.


GEVME provided a number of solutions out-of-the-box (OOTB) allowing many of IE’s requirements to be met without any development work.

Landing Pages

GEVME allowed IE to brand their event pages and have a consistent look and feel across their corporate website and GEVME event pages.

Integration with Corporate Portal

GEVME provided a responsive events calendar which was embedded into the corporate website to market the latest events available.

Responsive events calendar

User Roles and Workflow

GEVME’s user roles management allowed IE to customise the roles they required based on their business processes allowing different users to manage different aspects of the event.

Financial Integration

GEVME’s set of APIs allowed for the seamless integration with IE’s financial system and eNets payment gateway to do a daily compilation of all the transactions.

Simple and Intuitive UI

With event managers globally, GEVME’s intuitive UI allowed event managers to easily create and manage events with minimal training.

Advanced Reporting

GEVME advanced reporting provided the finance division with an overall report of all the transactions that have been done across all the events.

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Seamless check-in process helps the overall experience of guests

Seamless check-in process helps the overall experience of guests

Seamless check-in process helps the overall experience of guests


2014 marked a year of change for the Supreme Court Singapore as the team looked to streamline processes and increase productivity while enhancing user experience. The first event of the year saw the Office of Public Affairs welcoming over 500 distinguished guests from the legal industry coming together to kick off the opening of the legal year.

Resolving the pain points, one by one, through technology

The team at GEVME worked closely with the client, who was clear and focused in their requirements specifications.

Pain Point Number 1 – Printing of Invitation Cards

Each group of guests were assigned a color code and the need to print unique QR codes associated with the guest classification and seat number for VVIP guests was a critical step prior to the event day. The team at GEVME developed a custom template based on the invitation card size provided by the client to do a mass export and printing of the QR Codes, guest names and seating classification onto the invitation cards.

Pain Point Number 2 – Last minute changes of seats

As the seating arrangements could not be confirmed until late in the process, flexibility was retained to change the seat number right up to the event day itself. Any updates of allocated seats were done via the database management module within GEVME, where each guest is assigned their own QR code.

The Result

Nearly 90% of guests were checked-in using at the wireless tablet kiosks with up to 60 guests checked-in during any 5-minute period at the peak. The maximum waiting time for guests with invitation cards was also reduced to under a minute as each device had the ability to register guests of all groups.

“The GEVME platform used in managing the RSVPs and invitations was very efficient and effective, contributing in an overall professional image for the organizing committee. It also contributes tremendously in terms of time and manpower savings, which helps in the management of RSVPs for more than 2,000 invitations, with an eventual turnout of more than 500 guests. The entire suite of services delivered is comprehensive from email invitations to eventual registration at the event,” said Charmain Lee, Senior Head (Office of Public Affairs) for Supreme Court Singapore. “I am very satisfied with the GEVME solution.”

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Integrated End-to-End Event Solution for Board of Investment

Integrated End-to-End Event Solution for Board of Investment

Integrated End-to-End Event Solution for Board of Investment (Mauritius)


The Board of Investment (BOI) is the national investment promotion agency of the Government of Mauritius. It is the first point of contact for investors exploring business opportunities in Mauritius and the region, and Africa is one region where BOI is working closely to accompany investors looking at opportunities in Africa.

BOI was previously using an internal system for their events but realized that it does not fulfill their end-to-end event management requirements and started an evaluation of EMS vendors out there in the market.

Addressing Past Event Challenges

With a focus on quality, BOI (which is ISO 9001:2008 certified), the IT team at BOI wanted to address the event challenges faced in their past events:

  1. Ease of registration for participants
  2. Ease of data reporting for RSVP
  3. Delivery of participants badges

Azagen, the IT Manager for BOI, who also drives their internal IT strategies and systems, started to evaluate a few other platforms, among them Cvent, EventBrite and GEVME. The ability to handle an integrated end-to-end event solution was key for him in his selection criteria, while offering users a simple learning curve.

GEVME was ultimately chosen as it offered the BOI team an integrated end-to-end event solution without the steep learning curve associated with other platforms.

Using Smart Audience Segmentation for Real-time reporting

The team at BOI had specific reporting requirements, and needed a quick turn-around time for reporting of the registration numbers on a daily basis. Using GEVME Smart List functionality, they pre-created approved registration list on a daily basis, so that the reporting officer can easily retrieve real-time reports for reporting back to Senior Management.

Audience Experience – RSVP with One-Click

As the conference is an RSVP event where the guest list is pre-defined, GEVME offered BOI an easy-to-use drag and drop email campaign builder, where with one-click, invitees can easily respond to the invite where the response is centrally captured onto the cloud-based platform. The emails sent are also personalized at both content and subject level.

BOI has enjoyed the experience and benefits provided by GEVME and has extended the subscription of GEVME until 2016.

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