How to Create Ticketing for Entertainment Events

Ticketing for Entertainment Events

1. Introduction

As an event promoter in the entertainment industry, getting the logistics, performing artists and hospitality arrangements required for any entertainment event in place takes up a large bulk of your time. Why not streamline your event planning workflow by simplifying your registration and sales processes?

What you need is an integrated online ticketing solution that can easily handle your entertainment event ticketing,from the first point of contact with your prospective buyer to the moment they purchase a ticket. GEVME helps you keep the whole registration process light and simple, and you’ll soon find yourself needing to open another show for the people on the waiting list.

2. Event Landing Page

The first step to kickstarting your event promotion is setting up the landing page for your entertainment event. This landing page should reflect the branding you have created for your concert or music festival.

On your landing page, be sure to include:

  • The event logo
  • Event details
  • Tickets
  • Information about the performer(s)
  • Venue information
  • Sponsors
  • Contact details

GEVME’s Website Builder has these functions that allow you to fully customize and truly reflect your event’s identity to your ticket buyers online.

3. Ticket Categories

Depending on the type of entertainment event you are organizing or promoting, here are some ticket categories you can consider creating:

  • VIP
  • Free Standing
  • Meet & Greet/Backstage Package
  • Early Bird
  • Concession (e.g. Student/Senior Citizen/Military Personnel)

Not only can you create individual tickets with GEVME, you can also enable group registrations to promote package deals to buyers. Offering a great price for a group purchase automatically relieves you of the need to close more individual ticket sales, when one buyer can simply purchase on behalf of others close to him or her.

By providing a variety of ticket choices, you empower your buyers with the freedom to make decisions about both the price and their of viewing experience at the event. If you limit the choices they have or choose to not provide a range of prices, ticket sales may be adversely affected.

Closely monitor the sales of popular ticket categories to understand which prices and locations work better for your target demographics.

Set up the necessary registration forms and form logic to capture relevant customer data based on each ticket type.

4. Waiting List

What if your tickets are sold out? How do you still measure the popularity of your concert and capture attendee data?

With GEVME, you can activate the Waiting List and customize it to your needs. First, decide the registration limit for the waiting list.

Recommendation: Keep this at 0 for Unlimited registrations to get as much attendee information as you can.

Once you have decided, customize the Waiting List Form with the fields you want information on. This form is a golden opportunity for you to find out more about your target audience and learning the demographics that come for your entertainment events.

You can also customize the emails they will receive and the messages they will see — depending on their status on the Waiting List. This is also a good time to share the Waiting process with them, so they know what to expect after putting their names on the Waiting List.

Part of your fundraising campaign should be understanding the profiles of donors who feel for your cause, and analyzing their profiles has never been easier — provided you add the right questions in your GEVME donation form to capture accurate data.

Once your donors have made their donations, access Attendees in GEVME to view their information. You can see which donor profile type pledges more money, or perhaps their selection of merchandise and interests give you insights as to what inspired them to make the donation..

5. Promotional Codes

Measuring the effectiveness of your corporate partnerships in driving sales is crucial for future collaborative opportunities. Tie GEVME promotional codes to each corporate partner to understand how well your partners’ stream of leads convert to ticket buyers — and also track how hard each partner is working to promote your event.

Your ticket buyers also love a great sale. Run promo codes that coincide with holidays or specific seasons of the year that connect with your music festival to drive sales during that period. Boosting ticket sales is not just based on how well you promote — but also when and how you run your marketing campaigns.

6. Accommodation

If your event takes place over a few days (like a music festival), you’ll want to provide event goers with accommodation options too. Make it convenient for both local and overseas ticket buyers to attend your event by solving the problem of accommodation for them. You could either offer them the option to pitch tents at an allocated space near the event venue, or simply partner with nearby hotels to get things in order.

Create an accommodation booking form on GEVME to let ticket buyers know you are looking out for them by making things simpler for them. This enhances their event experience and enables them to fully enjoy the entertainment you’ve prepared.

A big plus to doing this is also the creation of an additional revenue stream for both you and your hotel partner(s). Close the accommodation need gap and drive event registrations up.

7. Merchandise & Inventory

On the note of additional revenue, offer to sell merchandise for your performers and partners too. Further support the event experience with merch that ticket buyers will remember the event by for a long time to come. Merchandise sales online do both you and the relevant parties a big favor, creating sales opportunities even before the performance itself.

Manage your merchandise inventory through GEVME and keep customer demands satiated — or better yet, sell out completely.

8. Venue Layout

Lastly, share an illustration or map of the event venue to help event goers visualize the event space. Merely providing an address will not be enough because typically ticket buyers would want to have as much information about your entertainment event as possible. GEVME is an online ticketing software that enables you to share the event layout upfront on the landing page itself, giving buyers the opportunity to review and select the tickets in the right categories.

Sharing the event layout will also give your attendees time to plan their entrance and exit from your event venue. Queues can get pretty long and frustrating if attendees don’t get to figure out their transportation arrangements beforehand.

Give your event attendees ample information so that they have the peace of mind to focus on the actual event experience.

9. Collecting Payment Online

To speed up the sales process your entertainment events, you can set up Online Payment methods to easily receive payment upon successful registration. This way, your attendees can instantly receive their tickets — and you get your payments resolved quickly.

Should you require Offline Payment methods however, those are also available in the form of:

  • Check
  • Bank Transfer
  • At the Event

10. E-Ticket with QR Code

Once an attendee has completed the registration process and made payment successfully, he or she will receive an e-ticket with a QR code. This QR code can be used at the event during the onsite check-in process using GEVME Onsite.

This allows you to easily track the peak periods of check-ins of attendees during the course of the event, and also see who showed up at the end.

Another great advantage with such an e-ticket used with GEVME Onsite is the display of personalized welcome messages on tablets upon the successful check-in of an attendee. You can relay their seat numbers (or stand number) on screen, giving attendees a simple reminder on their seating allocation so that they can look for it without turning to their mobile phones.

11. Conclusion

Integrating your ticketing and sales processes into a single registration workflow using GEVME will free up time for you to focus on producing and promoting your event. Don’t limit yourself and get started with an online solution that addresses your needs and takes away the more mundane tasks of event management.

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