Singapore FinTech Festival 2016


The inaugural Singapore FinTech Festival 2016, one of the largest financial technology (FinTech) festivals happening in Asia, was organized by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) and in partnership with the Association of Banks in Singapore (ABS). This large-scale festival brought together an exciting range of FinTech events for the international FinTech community.


The main challenges MAS and ABS had were the processing speed of attendees when checking into the event and the receiving of their name badges on time. There were software and hardware limitations to consider, and reliable internet was very much needed.

If the waiting time got too long, it would affect the attendee’s experience greatly. The software, hardware and internet were of paramount importance. If one aspect was to fail, it would result in complete failure of the event experience.

As there were different programmes happening at different timings, the waiting time per attendee could not be lengthy or they might miss or be late for said programmes.


1. Rigorous Setup Testing

We tested our setup to ensure that our software and hardware would function optimally on event day. At GEVME, we pride ourselves on quality delivery through rigorous testing to give the best performance on event day.

We also arranged with the venue’s staff to get dedicated internet access for the registration counters alone. These rounds of tests and collaborations were key to meeting the event requirements. Training the volunteers for the event who were manning the counters also contributed to the success of the festival.

2. Efficient Use of Minimal Manpower

We had very few people present onsite. GEVME empowers event professionals to run lean, allowing us to fully maximize our manpower. We only had:

  • 4 of our own GEVME staff as core testers and implementers
  • 2 venue staff that handled logistics, facilities and the venue’s wifi

We also conducted training for the venue staff, ABS staff, temporary staff and event volunteers who were helping to man the different registration counters at different times.

3. Flexible Software and Hardware Setups

To support this massive event, GEVME provided a wide range of software and hardware that were easily adaptable under different situations.

We provided:

  • Manual counters and a helpdesk for attendees who were missing their QR codes
  • GEVME Access mobile app to power self check-in kiosks and counters for attendees with their QR codes
  • RFID tags and scanners provided by D3 Solutions
  • Laptops by SAPP

There were a few times when we had to change the onsite setups, ranging from the number of counters we needed to the hardware required for each specific counter. Thanks to the flexibility of our system, we were able to provide the needed counters catered for each specific type of attendee without compromise.

The combination of our software and hardware enabled us to scale our setup accordingly, providing the Singapore FinTech Festival 2016 with great flexibility and scalability when required.


During the course of the festival:

  • We checked in 4046 attendees on the first day alone
  • We checked in 1692 attendees within 1 hr 46 mins during the peak period
  • In total, we checked in 9756 attendees for the entire festival

We were able to meet the requirements given for the Singapore FinTech Festival 2016 and catered to the large amount of attendees checking in — especially through the use of QR codes. The arrangement of the counters (island setup) made managing attendees much easier as there was sufficient moving space for everyone.

Having set up an island configuration made things a lot easier, not just from a management perspective, but also from the perspective of visual aid as visitors could easily tell what each counter was used for.


With automation playing a key part in GEVME’s technology, automating the payment process for newly registered walk-in attendees is our next step. Separating the badge collection between pre-registration and walk-in registrations would then be a lot simpler.

GEVME is constantly working to improve the attendees’ experience when event professionals use our software, and we will continue to do so with each new event that we handle — be it small scale or large scale.

Start by using online registration for your large scale conferences and empower your event experience for your attendees.

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