Seamless check-in process helps the overall experience of guests


2014 marked a year of change for the Supreme Court Singapore as the team looked to streamline processes and increase productivity while enhancing user experience. The first event of the year saw the Office of Public Affairs welcoming over 500 distinguished guests from the legal industry coming together to kick off the opening of the legal year.

Resolving the pain points, one by one, through technology

The team at GEVME worked closely with the client, who was clear and focused in their requirements specifications.

Pain Point Number 1 – Printing of Invitation Cards

Each group of guests were assigned a color code and the need to print unique QR codes associated with the guest classification and seat number for VVIP guests was a critical step prior to the event day. The team at GEVME developed a custom template based on the invitation card size provided by the client to do a mass export and printing of the QR Codes, guest names and seating classification onto the invitation cards.

Pain Point Number 2 – Last minute changes of seats

As the seating arrangements could not be confirmed until late in the process, flexibility was retained to change the seat number right up to the event day itself. Any updates of allocated seats were done via the database management module within GEVME, where each guest is assigned their own QR code.

The Result

Nearly 90% of guests were checked-in using at the wireless tablet kiosks with up to 60 guests checked-in during any 5-minute period at the peak. The maximum waiting time for guests with invitation cards was also reduced to under a minute as each device had the ability to register guests of all groups.

“The GEVME platform used in managing the RSVPs and invitations was very efficient and effective, contributing in an overall professional image for the organizing committee. It also contributes tremendously in terms of time and manpower savings, which helps in the management of RSVPs for more than 2,000 invitations, with an eventual turnout of more than 500 guests. The entire suite of services delivered is comprehensive from email invitations to eventual registration at the event,” said Charmain Lee, Senior Head (Office of Public Affairs) for Supreme Court Singapore. “I am very satisfied with the GEVME solution.”

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