How to Increase Redemptions with eCoupons

Redemptions with eCoupons

1. Introduction

Nothing excites attendees more than great giveaways at events. The practice of giving or selling redeemable coupons can be used to drive the attractiveness of your events before event day. Giving out swag is also another perk that can be added to your sponsorship packages. Depending on what your goal is, running giveaways should not be a hassle. It should be a enjoyable process that is both simple for you as the organizer, and the attendee.

Let’s explore how the use of GEVME eCoupons can integrate both online and offline processes for redemptions at your designated venues.

2. Form Submission Rewards

One of the ways to give out redeemable eCoupons is to present them as rewards for attendees to fill up post-event surveys or other types of information-collecting forms. Setup your necessary GEVME events and forms before implementing this process.

The flow of form submission rewards goes like this:

  1. Attendees fill up the form you have set in place.
  2. They receive QR code tickets in their email inboxes.
  3. Attendees bring their QR code tickets to your designated redemption venues.
  4. Attendees scan their QR codes.
  5. Upon a successful check-in shown on screen, they receive their freebies.

3. Event Registration Giveaways

The other option is to have these giveaways tagged to attendees’ event tickets after registration through event booths. You will first need to setup different sessions within GEVME to ensure an attendee can check-in at the booth to redeem freebies.

Giveaway Fields in your Forms

  1. Access Forms within your GEVME event.
  2. Click on the form you wish to work with.
    We are using the Attendee Form in our example.
  3. Create a checkbox field with multiple choices to represent the booths that attendees can receive their freebies at.

Next, access Onsite from your GEVME event and enable Session Check-in.

  1. Select the fields you wish to convert into a session by clicking Choose a field to convert into a session.We converted the Giveaway field into a session in our example.
  2. Customize the check-in validation settings to your event’s requirements.

Now that your sessions check-in function is ready, the flow of event registration giveaways goes like this:

  1. Attendees register for your event.
  2. They receive QR code tickets in their email inboxes.
  3. Attendees bring their QR code tickets to check-in at your event
  4. Attendees scan their QR codes at the respective giveaway booths.
  5. Upon a successful check-in shown on screen, they receive their freebies.

Success Tip:

All QR codes are single-use only. Should their QR codes be invalid or used before, GEVME Onsite will prompt the status on screen. Your staff will then know not to give out freebies in such situations, or take other actions based on your planning.

4. Sending QR Code Coupons

Aside from sending the QR codes as tickets within emails as attachments, you can also embed QR codes within the email itself to save attendees time.

Activate Source in your email editor and add this line of code to embed the QR code within your email:{{attendee.ticket_no}}.png” width=”100″ />

Success Tip:

Should you require to change the size of the QR code in your email, change the value of height=”100” to a smaller or larger number.

5. Limiting Redemptions

What if you needed to limit the number of redemptions people can make? A simple way to handle this is to use our Merchandise & Inventory feature in GEVME.

  1. Select the field with the relevant giveaway booths. In our example, Giveaways has Booth 1, 2 and 3.
  2. Key in the quantities under QTY for the booths to determine the number of giveaways possible for one booth
  3. Hit Save!

Once this is in place, visitors can decide which giveaways they wish to redeem at your venue.

Now whenever visitors register for a coupon, 1 giveaway quantity is deducted from the booth(s) selected during registration.


  1. 2 users register on Monday and selected all 3 booths. The original quantities of 10 giveaways are now reduced to 8 each.
  2. 5 users register on Wednesday for Booth 1 only.
    The quantity for Booth 1 is now reduced to 3.
  3. This goes on until all booths hit 0.

Success Tip:

For registrations that do not have redemptions tagged to their tickets, GEVME Onsite will reflected Invalid upon scanning. This is a clear signal for your staff to not give out the freebies.

6. Reports

You can also track the redemption times of each attendee or visitor by activating the different giveaway fields on the Attendee Grid.

  1. Access Attendees from your event dashboard.
  2. Click on the Gear icon on the right side of your screen.
  3. Select the fields you wish to get information on.
    In our example, we have selected all the details for Booth 1’s giveaway.
  4. After that, hit Export.

GEVME will then generate a .csv file with all the key information you would want from understanding how the redemption process went. Get actionable information on when redemptions took place, and understand which are the hot redemptions that people go for.

With this information in mind, you will be able to create better redemptions at future events, or run more interesting giveaways down the line.


Redemptions are key to creating any excitement for events, or perhaps just generating brand awareness. The choice is up to you as the event organizer and what your goals are for yourself, or your clients.

With GEVME, you can create and manage your redemptions easily from the cloud, enabling you to have a full overview of the entire process and how successful it is.

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