How to Raise Funds with a Charity Gala Dinner

Raising Funds With A Charity Gala Dinner

1. Introduction

One of the best ways of raising money for your organization is by organizing a charity gala dinner — like holding an annual university dinner with invitations extended to the alumni, their friends, experts in their respective fields, and sponsors.

How will you handle the registrations for this charity gala dinner, without having to go through much of the coordinating and paperwork?

Here’s how GEVME can help you out.

2. Table and Seat

Set up the required tables and seats for sale via Tickets on GEVME, and pair them up with the respective donation amount upfront. That way, your donors can easily choose the donation amounts that suits their needs — depending on how many seats or tables they require.

Specify how much each table or seat is worth and set the limit on availability for each. Let GEVME help you deactivate a certain ticket category once it’s fully registered for.

3. Advertising for Donors

In addition to setting up the sales mechanics for your tables and seats, specify the advertising options you offer for each donation amount as well. For example, donating $25,000 allows a donor to include his or her company’s logo within the programme that you will print.

Including donors’ branding as part of the gala dinner will give them more incentive to make bigger donations, with their branding playing an important role at the gala dinner.

4. Merchandise Sales

Give your donors the option to buy souvenirs at the gala dinner too. This could be in the form of research reports that your organization has done, or apparel that marks the year the annual dinner is held.

This additional source of sales will help you hit those fundraising targets more quickly.

5. Collecting Donations

If you prefer to set a separate option for donors to make donations aside from purchasing the Tickets on GEVME upfront, you can also add a Donation field to your donation form.

Access your Form and add a Donation Amount field as shown in the example above. In this case, we used the Attendee Form. You will have to use this field that you’ve created to activate the Donation function within the Merchandise & Inventory feature later on.

Once that is done, select the relevant field under Merchandise & Inventory to add it to the Merchandise list.

Then, set the Merchandise Type to Donation. That way, you can start collecting donations via the form instead of a ticket registration. Be sure to include a quantity within QTY for this Donation field to work. The quantity is usually equal to the registration capacity.

6. Adding Service/Admin Fees

If you have additional fees to include in each transaction, add that as a service or administrative fee in GEVME. Access the Fees feature in GEVME and enter the relevant fees you require. Have them added automatically to each online transaction through your donation landing page.

7. Conclusion

Planning a memorable gala dinner to drive your fundraising efforts takes up a considerable amount of time and effort. Use GEVME to automate and handle the mechanics of donations and registrations. Specify your gala dinner requirements and let the event management platform handle the rest for you.

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