Organizing Meditation Retreats


The World Community for Christian Meditation (WCCM) Singapore is a non-profit group that organizes religious retreats over weekends for fellow Christians. It is run by volunteers only.


WCCM Singapore wanted to incorporate technology to increase efficiency and create a positive experience by integrating and simplifying the registration, payment and check-in process. Everything was done by hand previously – and through spreadsheets. The World Community for Christian Meditation Singapore organizers were not confident in the setup they had then. To accommodate more than 700 attendees, they needed something reliable.


An event landing page was created via GEVME to handle the registrations coming in for the religious retreat.

Payments were handled online and organizers could easily keep track of the finances for the event. GEVME provided demonstrations as well as assistance with setting up the event from scratch. We demonstrated the benefits of our technology for both the organizer as well as the attendee.

Most of the event workload was handled by a single volunteer. GEVME assistance was provided mainly by two GEVME specialists – as well as the Customer Success team. On event day itself, we provided tablets for the onsite check-in to create a frictionless check-in experience.


By accepting online payments, it encouraged more attendees to register and also saved organizers the hassle of having to manage cheques. In the past, only cheques were accepted, resulting in a mess of invoices and payments.

With about 720 attendees at the event, the whole check-in process took only about an hour to clear the lines – if any. WCCM Singapore’s religious retreat is a true GEVME success.


GEVME being a fully integrated event management and marketing software is capable of many different use cases. A religious retreat is no different. All that matters is how an event organizer’s pain points are identified and resolved through our technology, creating an experience that allows organizers to own their events and wow their attendees.


GEVME is the cloud-based solution for your event marketing and management needs. Simplify your organizing processes by using key productivity tools available on a simple platform.

Go through the different stages of event management with everything you need in one place:

  • Start event pages easily.
  • Create a frictionless online registration experience.
  • Run responsive email marketing campaigns.
  • Make event onsite check-ins seamless.
  • Get feedback to craft better events in the future.

From start to finish, GEVME makes event management easy. Enhance the overall event planning and client experience.

Power your event experiences – anywhere, anytime.

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