How to Organize Wonderful and Hassle-free Incentive Trips

Organizing Incentive Trips as a Destination Management Company (DMC)


Organizing an incentive trip for a company can be quite challenging – considering a client’s expectations in delivering the best trips possible for the high performers in their company. Incentive travel uses an exceptional travel experience to motivate and/or recognize high performers for increased levels of performance in support of an organization’s goals.

As such, delivering a wonderful and hassle-free incentive trip experience is vital. How then can you as a destination management company (DMC) deliver this experience with GEVME?


Scope of Work to Succeed

1. Create a Mobile-Responsive Event Platform

Design the following materials:

  • A guide about the destination country
  • Flight itinerary
  • Hotel accommodation details
  • A downloadable registration guide

Remember to update and maintain the microsite for the incentive trip to keep qualifiers up-to-date with the latest information.

2. Create Registration Form Logic with GEVME

Considering email invitations are sent to a large number of people, provide the option to respond with a YES or NO answer with the following logic:

YES Responses

  • Qualifiers who responded YES are directed to the registration landing page, where 2 event tickets are displayed:
    1. Qualifier ticket
    2. Accompanying Person's ticket
  • The qualifier ticket quantity is set at 1 by default, while the Accompanying Persons (AP) ticket has a selection from 0 - 4.
  • Qualifiers can select their choice of flights via a drop-down list of codes.
  • Qualifiers who selected 1 or more AP ticket(s) will automatically be assigned to stay in the same room (twin beds or a double bed).
  • Qualifiers who did not select any AP ticket(s) will be allowed to select roommates from a predefined list of qualifiers.
  • Each roommate is tagged to a personalized email address. When a roommate is selected from the drop-down list, the selected roommate will receive an email notification informing them that they have been selected to share the same room with another qualifier.
  • Upon completion of the registration, qualifiers are directed to a custom-built RSVP YES confirmation page with the following details:
    1. A personalized message
    2. The qualifier’s personal particulars
    3. A Print button
  • A YES confirmation email is then sent to both the qualifiers and accompanying persons (if any). Details in the confirmation email contain:
    1. A personalized message
    2. The qualifiers’ AND/OR accompanying persons’ personal particulars
  • The client’s assigned email address is also CC-ed in the same YES confirmation email.

NO Responses

  • Qualifiers who answered NO are immediately directed to an RSVP No confirmation page with a personalized message.
  • A NO confirmation email is then sent to qualifiers who selected the NO response.
  • The client’s assigned email address is also CC-ed in the same NO confirmation email.


How does this help you?

Adopting a new RSVP registration process using an online registration management software like GEVME will help facilitate and manage incentive trip registrations easily.

If you are currently using a legacy system to manage your incentive trips, you will want to upgrade as a modern software solution is more capable of handling your requirements more efficiently and simpler in nature.


A legacy system is not able to handle a big number of users, crashing when a lot of users attempt to login and register at the same time. No qualifiers can book their flights, which leaves your client with no choice but to book flights manually for each qualifier.

GEVME is able to deliver a seamless experience to the qualifier registering for the incentive trip, providing a hassle-free process for both the client and the qualifier. A reliable modern online registration system with smart logic allowed for deep customizations required by the client, resulting in a successful incentive trip management result. Give your clients a peace of mind when you organize incentive trips for their employees.


GEVME is an enterprise cloud-based event management and event marketing platform that provides a suite of tools for organizers and marketers to:

  • Make their day-to-day event management work easy, hassle-free and even enjoyable.
  • Drive attendance and engagement to their events.
  • Make their attendees’ experience exciting and engaging.

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