How to Organize Exclusive Events With An Online Approval Process

Organize Exclusive Events With An Online Approval Process

1. Introduction

The norm for event registrations is to give potential attendees the freedom to register and receive their tickets at their own time — within the allotted ticket sales period of course.

That being said, there is an alternative to event registration that places you, the event organizer, in the driver’s seat. You get to decide who gets the tickets and who doesn’t, based on your event’s requirements or guidelines set in place. This couldn’t be more true for exclusive events, where seats are limited and the waiting lists usually get over-registered in minutes.

How do you handle an exclusive event requiring approval after registration — online?

Let’s take a look at how GEVME addresses this type of event.

2. Collect the Data of Interested Attendees

Once you have your event page and details up and running in Draft mode within GEVME, set up your confirmation process in the right way to receive interest from potential attendees — not actual confirmed registrations. You don’t want a successful registrant to receive a ticket the first time.

Access Automated Messages and Emails to disable the Attach ticket(s) to the email as you don’t require attendees to receive their tickets right after registration. You want these tickets to be released only after your approval.

Once this is set up, you can proceed to customizing the Confirmation Page message to tell attendees what they should expect after registration.

3.Customize Your Confirmation Messages

By default, GEVME will automatically display messages that confirms an attendee’s registration, explaining that they have a spot in the event and that their tickets have been emailed to them.

With an exclusive event, this is a big no.

First, use the HTML editor under Automated Messages and Emails — Confirmation Page to define the message you want successful registrants to see upon registration of their interest.

A good way to start would be to explain to an attendee that he or she has successfully registered and that you as the organizer will get back once you have accepted or rejected his/ her request for a ticket.

Next, click Edit Template to tweak the automated Confirmation Email to reflect a more appropriate message to interested registrants.

Instead of just saying that their registration has been confirmed, share information with them on the approval process. In the example above, the interested attendee is told that he or she will receive another email with the confirmed ticket if the approval is successful. Your approval process should be clearly reflected in the interest confirmation email.

4. Create Your Ticket Approval Process

Admin Form

To assist you with the approval process and skip unnecessary paperwork, go into Forms in GEVME and activate your Admin Form. The Admin Form allows you to make notes on your attendee’s profile without affecting the data they have registered with.

Once activated, be sure to customize the Admin Form with the fields you need (e.g Approved with a Yes or No response.)

Attendee Admin Field

With the Admin Form in place, you can now go into the Attendee Grid to specify whether or not a registered attendee has been approved to receive a ticket.

5. Segment Your Attendees Into Lists

Once you have received the amount of attendees you need and assigned the necessary responses to each of them, segmentation will help you with further email communications and event analysis.

One of the easiest ways to segment attendees is through the use of GEVME’s Smart Lists. Simply filter the results with one constant value (e.g Yes Response for the Approved field) and click ‘Save search as smart list’ to come back to this filter in the future. The best part? This filter automatically gets updated as new data comes in, so you don’t have to worry about missing out on attendees with the relevant criteria.

For exclusive events, we recommend creating three smart lists to start your segmentation:

  1. Approved.This includes attendees whom you’ve marked Yes in the Approved Admin Field.
  2. Rejected.This includes attendees whom you’ve marked No in the Approved Admin Field.
  3. Pending.This includes attendees whom have <blank> in the Approved Admin Field.

6. Create an Email Template for Approved Attendees

After segmenting your attendees, you will need to prepare the email that you want to send to approved attendees receiving your tickets. Select a premade template within GEVME’s Email Templates, or proceed crafting your own from scratch. Our easy-to-use email builder will help you create a beautiful yet effective email within minutes.

With Personalization tokens, you can easily add that personal touch to your emails by addressing attendees based on the data they have submitted.

7. Send Emails With Personalized QR Code Tickets

The final step in your approval process is the sending of QR code tickets from GEVME. Now that you have your approved attendees, they need to get their tickets to attend your event.

Select the attendees that will be receiving their tickets based on your set of filters, or perhaps by manual selection. Once you have them selected, click on the Down arrow beside Email and select Resend Confirmation Email.

Once you’re there, you will be able to select the email template you built earlier, or simply create a new email from scratch with the same email builder. Note that the Ticket attached in the email is the QR Code Ticket that was automatically generated when the attendee registered.

Once you click send, the attendee will receive his or her ticket(s) and he or she will be all set to attend your exclusive event.

8. Conclusion

Simplify your event registration approval process with GEVME by having it done online, so you can focus on the event experience and not bother yourself with event processes that can easily be automated.

By organizing your exclusive event online, not only will it be secure, but you will also be able to access the information and manage it anytime, anywhere.

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