How to Run Onsite Check-in & Registration for Large Conferences

Onsite Check-in & Registration for Large Conferences

1. Introduction

Large conferences can be difficult to manage on the ground, especially when you can’t cater for each attendee to give them a “wow” experience since you have limited manpower.

What are the typical types of attendees that exist in such conferences?

  • Delegates
  • Sponsors
  • Exhibitors
  • Speakers
  • VIPs

On top of checking in pre-registered attendees, a conference like this usually attracts a huge number of walk-in onsite registrations, resulting in your onsite team having to register new attendees and check-in current attendees as well.

So, how can you manage your event onsite better with GEVME Onsite?

2. Check-in of Pre-Registered Delegates

QR Code Ticket Scanning and Onsite Payments

To take a majority of the weight off your team’s shoulders, activate the Kiosk Mode for GEVME Onsite to scan the QR codes of e-tickets given to registered attendees. This way, attendees can check themselves in without your help, automating this process for your event and freeing up your manpower.

Should your pre-registered delegate still have outstanding payments, he or she can proceed to an assisted booth you have set up that accepts onsite payment. This allows the attendee to clear their payment status and enter the event. After a payment has been received onsite, you can click on Receive payment on the web check-in page to complete the order. The order would now be updated to Completed, instead of Pending or Partial.

Manual Search for Check-in

If your delegates have forgotten their tickets, switch the GEVME Onsite app to Manual Search mode, allowing you to quickly key in their personal details and search for their attendee profile to check them in. This resolves any downtime that might occur due to missing tickets.

Some of the default fields that you can search for are:

  • Name
  • Email
  • Contact Number

Personalized Messages Upon Check-in

Make the check-in experience far more enjoyable and informative through personalization in GEVME Onsite. Create personalized welcome messages that reflect the key information relevant to an attendee — or even showcase the session that he or she is checking into.

Make a delegate feel welcome, and your event is off to a great start.

3. Onsite Registration

Self-service Registration on Laptops

GEVME Onsite’s automation does not stop at self check-in. You can activate self-service registration within the app and have new walk-in delegates register themselves in.

1. Access the GEVME Kiosk mode by adding /kiosk/ at the end of your event URL.

2. Click on On Site settings to enable the functions you need.

3. Setup your onsite registration laptops using the web check-in page (/kiosk/ mode). This is done to pair up your laptop with a printer for printing name badges right after an attendee registers. Have a browser loaded with a registration page in full screen (hit F11 on your keyboard).

4. Setup your printer via the web check-in page (hide/minimize the check-in page)

5. Launch another window with the registration landing page on and set it to full screen.

6. After a delegate registers successfully, the browser goes back to the original registration page automatically, allowing the next walk-in delegate to register.

Self Registration on Personal Mobile Devices

  1. Visitors can register through their mobile phone by accessing the relevant URL or by scanning a QR code which leads them directly to the registration landing page.
  2. After hitting Register, users will see a confirmation page with the QR code to be used at self check-in counters.
  3. With the QR code still displayed on the phone, a newly registered attendee can proceed to the assisted counter or walk-in badge collection counters.
  4. He or she can then scan the QR code and get their relevant name badge printed out for collection.
  5. The attendee can then enter the event right away, saving you time and effort spent on registering a visitor.

Assisted Registration

Should a walk-in delegate be unable to register through your self-service kiosks, have an assisted counter on standby. This is where your staff can assist delegates through the registration process and making sure they get a spot in your conference.

4. On-Demand Name Badge Printing

Before setting up GEVME Onsite for on-demand name badge printing, ensure you have created name badge designs with the best practices implemented. Once that’s done, let’s see what are the essentials you’ll need to get ready for the small conference:

  1. A laptop
    This will act as the print server for your printers.
  2. A printer
    Any consumer-based inkjet printers that can print between 4R to A4 sizes.

Success Tip:

We recommend running 64-bit Windows 10 on your laptops to support GEVME Onsite print servers.

Step 1:

Connect your printer to the laptop via USB. Ensure that the printer is installed on your laptop by heading to Devices and Printers via Windows Control Panel.

Step 2:

Connect your laptop to a stable internet connection, such as a dedicated Wi-Fi network. Internet access is required for GEVME Onsite to access your attendees’ data stored in the cloud.

Success Tip:

Ensure that you are using the same SSID for the devices intended for a single print server.

Step 3:

Launch the GEVME Print Server executable file on your laptop.

Step 4:

Login to and sign in with your Admin account.

Step 5:

Select the event you intend to work on. You will then be redirected to the event’s dashboard.

Step 6:

To setup up GEVME Onsite settings via the web check-in portal, you could either:

  • Add “/kiosk/” in the current URL above and hit Enter.
  • Click on On Site via the vertical menu on the left to access the On-site page.
    Then, click on Check-in Attendees to be redirected to the web check-in page.

Step 7: Click on On Site Settings located at the top right of the page and fill in the required details.

  1. Select your print template.
  2. Enter the print server’s IP Address. If the current laptop you are using is the print server itself, type in localhost.
  3. Click on Fetch Printer and select the printer you want to print from.
  4. Check the necessary settings you require to control print automation behavior.
    Leave it as default if you are not sure what they do or consult our Onsite Specialists at

Once the necessary fields are filled up, scroll down and hit Save. You are now finished with the setup and are ready to begin printing!

5. Flow of Attendees

The final piece of the puzzle — managing the flow of attendees. Once you have a system in place to guide attendees at your event venue, there will be less opportunities for mistakes. In fact, you will experience almost no queues because everyone is moving around seamlessly!

Pre-registered Attendees with QR Codes

For attendees who registered beforehand and have QR code tickets on hand, they can take the self-serve approach to free up your manpower. The flow goes like this:

  1. Attendees make their way to the designated badge collection area.
  2. They scan their QR code tickets.
  3. They scan their QR code tickets.
  4. They collect their name badges.
  5. They can then help themselves to the plastic pouches and lanyards you have laid out for them at the lanyard collection point.
  6. An alternative would be to have them collect the items directly from the event ambassadors.
Pre-registered Attendees with No QR Codes

For attendees who registered beforehand and forgot their QR code tickets, they will need assistance from your event staff. How does the flow work for them?

  1. They proceed to the designated assisted counters.
  2. They prepare emails or documents that act as identity verification accepted by your company.
  3. They can then make payment if required.
  4. Their name badges are then printed upon successful registration.
  5. They collect their name badges and lanyards before entering premises.

Onsite Registration

What about visitors who stumble upon your small conference and want to attend?

  1. Have your visitors proceed to either the designated assisted counters or onsite registration areas
  2. They will then register and make payment if the tickets are priced.
  3. Their name badges get printed on the spot.
  4. They then collect their name badges and lanyards before moving off to the event.

6. Conclusion

Having an integrated event onsite solution will create a truly seamless experience for your attendees. You don’t have to worry about walk-ins because they are easily taken care of with a centralized database that captures their information and sorts your financial transactions.

Create a memorable conference experience. Forget the stress involved with event onsite as it will no longer exist with GEVME Onsite.

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