Online Registration for Large-Scale Exhibitions

Online Registration for Large-Scale Exhibitions

1. Introduction

Large-scale exhibitions bring industry professionals together to showcase the latest products and services. On top of that, both vendors and customers enjoy the benefits of a huge meeting point, providing network and business opportunities.

There are a few major parties to consider when it comes to organizing large-scale exhibitions:

  1. Exhibitors
  2. Trade Visitors (they usually get to register for free)
  3. Media
  4. Exhibition Delegates (they usually have to pay for registration)
  5. Speakers & VIPs

Managing five different groups of attendees can get confusing. Let’s take a look at how you can handle registrations for your large-scale exhibitions online — within a single event on GEVME.

Exhibitor’s Booth Application

Without a doubt, exhibitors who want to showcase at your event will be interested in the different packages and spaces available to them. Instead of going back and forth through phone calls and emails with brochures about the booths, why not simply have your exhibitors apply online?

Start by creating an event in GEVME to set up the exhibitor’s booth application page and information.

1. Exhibitor Packages with GEVME Tickets

Create the different exhibitor packages available using our Tickets module.

Success Tip:

For special packages that are only available to certain partners or exhibitors, remember to set Visible as No. These special packages can then be accessed by registrants through Promotional Codes you create in GEVME at a later time.

2. Form Customization to Capture Great Data

Customize your forms to capture the data you want from your exhibitors. You will need to know their choice of packages to provide the right prices and corresponding information. How deep an exhibitor can customize their own package depends on you. GEVME has Form Logic that enables you to build forms that are deep enough in sequences to capture relevant information.

Choose to show the different parts of your Attendee Form to registrants of selected packages. This way, not only do you save time working with a single form, your registrants also get a better user experience as they only see what you want them to see for registration.

Success Tip:

Create form fields to capture and calculate the different factors involved in the package costing. You will add these fields to GEVME’s Merchandise & Inventory in the next step to allow exhibitors to select their own booth choices and other special offers you might have — providing automatic cost calculations based on the different selections.

3. Exhibitor Package Costs with GEVME Merchandise & Inventory

With your forms ready, put your exhibitor package form fields into GEVME’s Merchandise & Inventory to calculate your exhibitor’s requirements within the online registration form. You will be able to price your booths and spaces accordingly, allowing GEVME to do the math for you.

Your exhibitors will get a clear view of the costs to showcase at your event almost instantly. This greatly reduces time for both you and your exhibitor, allowing both of you to focus on the most important thing at hand — having a great exhibition on event day.

With your exhibitor’s booth application done online, you only need to update one portal of information for your potential exhibitors to peruse and apply for the relevant packages. Less coordination means more exhibitors showcasing, and plenty more time on hand to work with the event.

Trade Visitors’ Registration

Trade visitors come for your exhibition with different agendas, be it for commercial, professional or private reasons. Seeing how managing exhibitor booths with an online registration portal saves time and effort, the same can be applied to trade visitors too.

Event intelligence is key in this day and age of event marketing, where data-driven decisions decide the future of your events. You need to have great data to understand how trade visitor tastes are evolving over time.

Start by setting up another GEVME event to use solely for trade visitors.

Success Tip:

You can create different GEVME events to act as different data collection points or registration portals under the same event umbrella. For example, if you had an event titled World of Wines 2017, you could create events like:

  • World of Wines 2017 — Exhibitors
  • World of Wines 2017 — Trade Visitors
  • World of Wines 2017 — Delegates

Use multiple events to your advantage for your huge exhibition.

1. Collect Trade Visitor Data for Profiling

Once you have the necessary event settings in place, create and add fields to your forms that will help you gather key information on your trade visitors for profiling.

Once you have built the profiles of your trade visitors, you will be able to use this information for business matchmaking and further data analysis. Get the latest data on the different segments of trade visitors coming for your exhibition and share relevant content with them to promote your future events.

If you have yet to start collecting your trade visitor profiles, now is the time to do so with GEVME.

2. Upsell to Trade Visitors

Trade visitors often get free access to exhibitions as event organizers want to encourage business activity between trade visitors and exhibitors. Revenue is made from exhibitors who pay for access to the potential trade visitors that come for the exhibition. This does not mean that event organizers like yourself do not have the chance to market further opportunities to trade visitors, allowing you to increase your revenue.

Include paid workshops or breakout sessions that will take place within the exhibition to provide your trade visitors with a variety of useful educational platforms. It could even be VIP networking sessions for them to mingle and connect with high-profile players in the industry.

  1. Create the necessary form fields within your Attendee form
  2. Add these form fields to your Merchandise & Inventory with the relevant pricing and number of seats.
  3. Let GEVME handle the calculations for you before a trade visitor confirms his or her registration.

3. Encourage Referrals with GEVME Integration

Boost the number of trade visitors that come for your exhibition by integrating a referral field in your form. A trade visitor will be more inclined to refer a colleague or professional contact if it already exists in a form without having to go through the hassle of visiting other sections of your event website just to share the exhibition. You can even sweeten this referral by offering an incentive in the form of discounts or freebies.

Trade visitors take up a large percentage of your attendees, so be sure to collect the data to understand them, upsell, and encourage referrals through the ease of a single form.

Media Registration

A well-publicized exhibition will not be complete without giving the media access to your event and provide great coverage for you. As there is usually a screening process for media personnel coming through, you as the event organizer would want to collect the details of interested parties on one platform. GEVME addresses this need through our online registration form and Attendee grid for validation.

Set up that online event on GEVME for media applicants and let’s get started!

Media Online Application with GEVME

Create the necessary form fields in your Attendee form to capture the interests and data of a media personnel. Some of the important fields to have are:

  • Proof of media position
  • ID card
  • Exhibition topics
  • Exhibition sessions (this is needed for GEVME Onsite Sessions for check-in verification)

This will help you collate all necessary documentation and data into your GEVME event, allowing you to review and approve the respective personnel quickly.

Once a media person has successfully submitted his or her application, you can customize the automated message that appears on the confirmation screen to share what is to be expected next.

You can also send customize and send a Confirmation email upon a successful registration automatically

This way, a registrant will know the submission has gone through, and he or she will be eagerly waiting for approval.

2. Online Approval Process

Once you have built your list of media personnel, you can access the Attendee grid and set the necessary filters to review all entries. Perform all the background checks you need and shortlist approved candidates. Each candidate will automatically have a QR code that you can attach and send through GEVME’s Email Marketing feature so you don’t have to create a separate QR code on your own.

Admin Form

Activate your Admin Form to create the media approval process on the backend. Customize it with the form fields that you need to work with. In this case, it could be a simple tag that says ‘Approved’ with a Yes or No response.

Approve or reject candidates using the Admin form without affecting their personal data.

Media Personnel Admin Field

Once that’s set up, access the Attendee Grid to accept or reject candidates instantly. Segment them into lists so you can send the necessary email messages without much hassle.

Accepted candidates should get a confirmation email that tells them they have been accepted into the exhibition for media coverage. Use the GEVME Email Builder to create an approval email with the right messaging and don’t forget to attach that QR code ticket to give them access on event day!

Exhibition Delegate Registrations

What about delegates who pay to attend your exhibition? They may not be looking for business upfront, but that doesn’t mean they should be neglected. In fact, with the right mechanisms in place, you can tap into this source of attendees to build another stream of revenue.


Create an event in GEVME for your exhibition delegates!

1. Paid Sessions Ticketing

Give exhibition delegates the freedom to choose the different sessions they wish to register for using either free or paid tickets in GEVME.

Create the sessions as form fields in your Attendee form to add them into your Merchandise & Inventory for calculation and space purposes. This also serves to help you collect data on the type of sessions and timings that delegates prefer — extremely useful when you are building the profiles of delegates for future large-scale exhibitions.

2. Run Discounts

Selling off your delegate tickets for your large-scale exhibition is a great challenge that requires effective options to sell out fast.

Groups Discounts

Create irresistible discounts for group registrations. Here are some examples:

  • Get 4 tickets for the price of 3
  • Get 15% discount off tickets when you register for 2

Use group discounts in GEVME to ensure your seats are fully sold.

Membership Discounts

Delegates who have memberships with you or your exhibition sponsors should be able to tap into membership-only discounts or deals. Create and strengthen exclusivity by giving special attention to members.

Country-Based Discounts

Create country-based discounts for delegates to encourage diversity at your exhibition. Equal opportunities can only benefit for your exhibition.

Promotional Codes

Strategic partnerships can also help to get you more delegates. Tag delegates that come through your partners by using GEVME promotional codes created exclusively for them. Find out the partnerships that perform better in increasing registration numbers or ticket sales.

Integrated Accounting

When a delegate registers for your exhibition through GEVME Registration, an invoice will be automatically generated.

Be it an online or offline payment method, track the thousands of orders you will receive once tickets to your exhibition are on sale. If a payment is successful or completed offline, the invoice is automatically completed and a credit note is generated within the same payment order created — which attendees can use for company claims if they need to.

However, if the payments get cancelled or there are disputes to be made, you can manage refunds with GEVME Registration immediately to balance out the financial transactions quickly. No need to edit and track financial records manually while you plan your exhibition, saving you time and energy to focus on what really matters.

Once a payment is completed, delegates get their e-tickets with QR codes instantly. These tickets will be used to check-in at your exhibition.

GEVME Registration sends confirmation emails with QR code tickets attached to registered delegates automatically. You can also resend the QR code tickets directly to delegates via their registered email addresses, should they forget to bring them.

Our integrated email marketing feature can also schedule reminder emails with QR code tickets attached to be sent to attendees at a date closer to exhibition day. Keep your exhibition in their minds and make it easy for them to access to their e-tickets without having to search for them.

Payment Reminder Email

You can complete outstanding payments before exhibition day as well through payment reminders. Delegates might forget to make payments and still show up at your exhibition without a ticket — maybe even insisting that they have paid already. This will use both manpower and time on event day. Checking through your database just to verify the claim takes up a lot of time already.

Automate payment reminder emails to be sent after a specific timeframe instead — maybe even weeks before the exhibition.

Create direct payment links for delegates to complete payments online using the email reminders. One click and they can access their registrations to resolve their outstanding payments and have their e-tickets generated upon completion.

Once you have your data collected, you can begin sorting them with smart lists or static lists. Organizing attendee data within GEVME displayed in the Attendee Grid will help you greatly in visualizing the profiles of your exhibitors, trade visitors, media personnel and delegates. Split them into segments for you to analyze deeper later on.

1. Static Lists

Static Lists allow you to create lists and assign attendee records to them. Think of it as folders (segments) and files (record) but with an added bonus. You can assign a record to more than one static list. This gives you great flexibility in segmenting your attendee database, giving you better visibility of the data collected.

You can also search through these static lists using keywords, allowing you to get specific sets of information within a static list quickly.

2. Smart Lists

You can also create filters through specified search terms in GEVME and create self-populated lists or segments called Smart Lists. These lists are updated real-time based on the attendee, contact or order fulfilling the search criteria. Smart Lists can be considered as “saved searches” which will consist of attendee records which match the filters you have set.

Success Tip:

A Smart List is especially useful when you track want to have real-time updates on orders which have outstanding payments.


With different parties to cater for when organizing a large-scale exhibition, automate and simplify processes that take up more time than required. Support the future of business opportunities to be made at your exhibition through the use of GEVME Registration, integrating all the key components of exhibition planning onto one platform.

Free up your time.

Focus on your exhibition.

Create the future.

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