How to Streamline Online Registration for Large Conferences

Online Registration for Large Conferences

1. Introduction

Organizing large conferences can be challenging no matter how seasoned an event planner you are. Add to that the massive amount of registrations you’ll receive once event registration opens and you’ll want to be well prepared to handle the influx of attendees.

One of the best ways to ensure your readiness is to have great event technology support so that you can focus on creating the best event experience — instead of having to worry about the technical details that can easily be managed by GEVME Registration.

How can GEVME work for a large conference?

Frictionless Online Registration

GEVME is an online registration software that simplifies the entire event registration process by providing users a set of integrated features that create a frictionless and fruitful experience. Don’t lose potential attendees by creating an unnecessarily complicated registration process.

Pre-Population of Data in Form

Tap into the power of your contact database when you invite attendees to register. With GEVME Registration, you are able to:

  1. Send out personalized invitations that show personalized messages based on attendee data collected.
  2. Pre-populate compulsory attendee details in your registration form once they click on the call-to-action in your invitation. With a single click, an attendee will be able to see his or her personal details automatically entered into your form, making it far easier for registrations.
  3. Leave additional registration fields as optional to keep things simple.

Creating a hassle-free registration experience for your invited guests will encourage more conversions and boost your event attendee numbers.

Mobile Responsive Forms

With mobile devices playing an integral part in our daily lives, you want your event registration forms to be mobile responsive to reach out to your attendees. Chances are, they will be viewing your invitations through a smartphone or tablet while on the move – or while they are having a cup of coffee on break. GEVME’s mobile responsive registration forms will fit on any screen size, creating registration opportunities anywhere as long as there is internet connectivity. 28% of web traffic comes from mobile devices, so you want to be sure your event registration is ready for that stream of attendees to hit your conference registration targets.

Group Registration

Great event marketing will attract more people to sign up for your conference. However, having only one ticket registration at a time might slow the process down considerably. Enable group registration for your conference so potential attendees can register on behalf of their colleagues, friends or other peers in their respective industries. With 42% of registered attendees coming from group registrations, don’t limit your turnout by not giving people the opportunity to become your event advocates – signing up for more people through great group packages.

Waiting List

A popular conference will guarantee a great turnout, but you want to also be sure that attendees who cancel at the last minute will have replacements coming in to fill up the empty spaces. Create a waiting list with GEVME Registration to capture interested people even when your conference is full. What’s more, a full conference that has a waiting list creates more value and hype than one that just closes once sold out.

With your registration process ready, you need to consider how you will work with your event ticketing to create different opportunities for attendees to come for your conference.

Event Ticketing

Depending on what you want to achieve with your conference ticketing, create either free or paid (or both) tickets for attendees with GEVME. Keep the registration process flexible by offering different pricing packages to appeal to different target segments of your attendees. By creating a special ticket for each type of registrant, you ensure all spots are filled. Make this even more interesting through with GEVME’s event ticketing software. Create hidden tickets that can only be unlocked via special promotional codes that are given only to specific people.


The ideal situation for any large-scale paid conference is to sell off tickets at their original prices for all seats. That being said, the rarity of such results means you need to have options to get a full turnout at your conference.

Groups Discounts

Create special discounts through group registrations, for example:

  • Get 5 tickets for the price of 4
  • Get a 20% discount off tickets when you register for 3

Through the use of group discounts in GEVME, not only do you entice registrants with a sweet deal, you also ensure your seats are taken up because of the conditions required to get the discount.

Membership Discounts

For attendees who have memberships with you or your sponsors, tap into that by offering membership-only discounts. This creates exclusivity and shows that your event gives special attention to members.

Country-Based Discounts

If you are organizing a conference that’s open to neighboring countries and you want to offer equal attendance opportunities, create country-based discounts for attendees who come from more financially challenged territories. Providing equal opportunities to create diversity can only do your conference good.

Promotional Codes

To power your event marketing, you will want to work on strategic partnerships to get the best attendance rate and branding out there in the industry. Track where your ticket sales are coming from through your partners by using exclusive GEVME promotional codes created specifically for each partner.

Gain valuable insights into which partnerships are more effective in terms of driving registration numbers or ticket sales.


With your tickets and promotional codes set up, you want to make sure the matter of taxes has been calculated in your tickets and invoices. Skip the hassle of having to calculate taxes on your own on top of ticket prices – or simply having to put up with additional paperwork.

Create relevant taxes and tax rates through GEVME Registration to automatically include (or exclude) them with your final ticket prices. This makes it a lot easier to keep track of how taxes are controlled for your tickets, relieving you of one more easily automated processes of event planning.

Session Booking (With A Capacity Limit)

A complex event would not be complete without breakout sessions, workshops or separate mini events that encompass the whole event experience. Allow attendees to book these sessions through GEVME by integrating them into the system.

Control and manage the seating capacity and prices to match your needs as your conference develops over time – even until event day itself. The flexibility of session management will empower you to make decisions that you might not have been able to before the use of registration event technology.

Hotel Booking

Attending a conference that is overseas will require a bit more effort on the attendees’ part, having to source for flight tickets and accommodation in the event’s city. Solve that problem and make it easier for attendees to decide by partnering with relevant hotel chains to provide accommodation for your conference. Once done, create the appropriate hotel booking form on GEVME and start collecting reservations to facilitate the whole event experience.

For your attendees, this becomes an even better travel event experience, giving them the ease of mind that you as an event planner have taken care of the basics for an attendee.

On the other hand, you have earned an additional revenue stream for both you and the hotel partner. Expand your revenue options with a single large event and you’ll be well on your way to exceeding your revenue targets.

Flight Details

Don’t stop at hotel bookings. Collect flight details from attendees with GEVME Registration and offer special VIP services to pick them up from the airports at the time slots specified by attendees. When the event is over, offer to send them back to the airport via a limousine or other transport service to make sure your attendee catches the flight on time.

By going the extra mile to understand your attendee’s travel itinerary with GEVME, your attendee will appreciate the gesture and remember the wonderful event experience you’ve created for them from start to finish.

This way, a registrant will know the submission has gone through, and he or she will be eagerly waiting for approval.

Speaker Registration

While getting the presentations, content, and biographies from your speakers can be done via emails or other communication platforms, doing so only takes up more of your time. This time could be better spent on fine-tuning your conference and bringing out the best content to engage your attendees.

Instead, have speakers register through your GEVME Registration form and have them upload the relevant data that you require from your speakers. Do so by using special access codes meant only for speakers to unlock Speaker-specific tickets which have customized forms to capture relevant data.

Not only does this cut back on the time spent for the collection of information from speakers, you also have all data on the GEVME integrated platform that allows you to retrieve this information at anytime you want. What’s more, the content will be tagged to each speaker so you spend less time sifting through different emails to find the right presentation slides and more time on the actual planning of the event.

Media Registration

Having professionals from the press attending your event to provide media coverage can get a little messy – what with the attendance of different professionals from different companies.

Instead, take the same approach that we did with speakers. Use GEVME Registration to create access codes meant for media personnel only. Once they key in these codes, have them fill out a customized form that is meant to capture media-specific data which would allow you to process their name badges for entry.

This will allow you to monitor which members of the press are coming to your event, and how many are actually present on event day when they check-in. You will be able to track their check-ins with GEVME Onsite as well.


Any large conference will require some form of sponsorship or partnership. Your future sponsor or partner will probably want you to feature their companies in some manner at your conference, giving them the best brand visibility. This can, of course, generate leads for them to pursue after the conference, but at the same time, you can also tap into another stream of revenue for both parties.

Create new merchandise to sell together with your conference, or perhaps promote existing merchandise that your sponsors or partners might have. Don’t stop there. Consult with your speakers and see if they may have a book or content that would help your attendees, and put them on sale.

Add your merchandise on GEVME and have them sold during the online registration process, giving attendees a much simpler way of purchasing. This generates more revenue without much heavy lifting, and you can monitor the inventory through GEVME Registration’s merchandise feature. Ran out of stock and just got an additional 50 books to replace the sold-out status? No problem. Drop those 50 books into the system and the merchandise will automatically reappear on the form, giving attendees another chance at buying these books.

Accepting Payment

GEVME believes in making the entire registration process seamless, and keeping to that idea of simplicity, we have integrated payment options made for both online and offline. On the registration form, attendees get to select either method that you enable on GEVME Registration to process their payment for the tickets at the checkout stage.

Online Payment

GEVME Registration supports different online payment methods such as credit cards, PayPal – even providing our very own GEVME payment portal. This allows your attendees to quickly finalize their registrations online, preventing any form of mix-ups or additional work on your part to confirm an attendee’s participation in your conference. Frictionless brings about a higher rate of conversions for you.

Offline Payment

However, catering only to online payment methods would be limiting. There will be attendees under certain circumstances who are unable to make registration payments online. You will then want to activate GEVME’s offline payment methods to provide an alternative option to such attendees.

Offline payment comes in the form of either a bank transfer, onsite payment, or through the receipt of a check.

Tracking these transactions might be a headache for you if you had to do them manually. Fortunately, GEVME Registration automatically handles this aspect of event registration.

Integrated Accounting

Automating the entire accounting process for events has never been easier. In fact, this accounting automation will greatly reduce your efforts in tracking your financial records – especially for a large-scale conference.

When an attendee registers for your event through GEVME Registration, an invoice is automatically generated based on the attendee’s order.

Be it an online or offline payment made, you will be able to track the thousands of orders you will receive once tickets to your conference are on sale.

If a payment is successful or completed offline, the invoice is automatically completed and a credit note is generated within the same payment order created – which attendees can use for claims should there be a need to.

However, if problems do arise from the payments and there are cancellations or disagreements, you can track refunds with GEVME Registration immediately and balance out the financial transactions easily. There will be no need for you to manually edit and track financial records while planning for a conference, saving you time and energy to focus on what really matters.

Confirmation Email with QR Code Ticket

Once a payment is completed, attendees should instantly receive their e-tickets with QR codes to check-in at your conference. This will ensure that they have their tickets the moment they register, resulting in fewer problems on your end with regards to ticket issuance.

GEVME Registration automatically sends confirmation emails with QR code tickets attached to registered attendees, automating the entire successful payment process for you. Should an attendee forget, you can always resend the QR code ticket directly to their registered email addresses.

What’s more, with GEVME’s integrated email marketing feature, you will be able to schedule a reminder email with QR code tickets attached to be sent to attendees at a date closer to conference day. Keep your conference day in their minds and ensure they have easy access to their e-tickets without having to search for them.

Payment Reminder Email

On the topic of automated reminder emails, you will want to complete outstanding payments before conference day. Chances are, some attendees might have forgotten that they have yet to complete their registrations and show up at your conference without a ticket – maybe even insisting that they have paid for entrance. This could take up both manpower and time on event day, and you would have to check through your database just to verify the claim.

Instead, automate payment reminder emails to be sent after a specific timeframe – maybe even weeks before the conference.

Create the direct payment link for attendees to complete payment online within the email reminders and make it simple. One click and they can resolve their outstanding payments, generating their e-tickets automatically.

Managing All Attendee Data

After collecting massive amounts of information through registrations, you will want to manage them by sorting them with smart lists or assigning them to static lists.

Organize attendee data within GEVME your attendees, contacts – effectively any record which is displayed in the Attendee Grid into categories or segments for you to analyze.

There are two types of lists that you can use in GEVME.

1. Static Lists

Static Lists are segments which you can create and assign attendee records to. This is similar to the concept of folders (segments) and files (record) but with an added bonus – you can assign a record to more than one static list. This gives you great flexibility in segmenting your attendee database, giving you better visibility into the data you collect.

You can also search through these static lists with any keywords you enter, allowing you to retrieve information within a static list easily.

2. Smart Lists

Smart Lists are filters created through specified search terms in GEVME and are used to create self-populated lists or segments. Why are they ‘Smart’? Simply because, these lists are updated real-time upon the attendee, contact or order fulfilling the search criteria. As such, Smart Lists can be considered as “saved searches” which, at any point in time, will consist of attendee records which match the filters you have set.

This is especially useful when you wish to track orders which have outstanding payments, or just certain attendee segments that you have your eyes on.

Administrative Fields

Keeping tabs and planning backstage arrangements for your attendees as a part of your conference planning process should not be difficult as well – considering everything else has been made seamless through GEVME.

Create an Admin Form within GEVME to add administrative fields to supply additional information in your attendee database that you want to keep track of – and that is hidden from your attendee.

Suppose you have a gala dinner that is meant for VIPs only, you will want to assign table numbers to each attendee beforehand to ensure each VIP has a seat at the dinner. Do this through the Admin Form, and you can trigger these data fields at the dinner through GEVME Onsite – even showing them their table numbers on-screen of the check-in counter.

Remove the additional effort of manual labor to create behind-the-scenes notes to run your conference. Key them into your own GEVME database and never have to worry about losing them during the course of conference planning.

Generate Name Badges

Name badges are crucial for networking and access at high profile conferences. Depending on your approach, you can either print these name badges before conference day or do them onsite with GEVME.

Keep it simple with GEVME Registration and print these name badges directly from the Attendees Grid. Select the attendees you want to generate name badges for – be it through static or smart lists – and have them printed through your own printers instantly.


Indeed, running a large-scale conference will be demanding, but by supporting it with GEVME Registration, you will be able to integrate all the necessary aspects of conference planning onto one platform, freeing up your time to focus on the most important thing – the conference experience.

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